Monday, June 27, 2011


Woke up very achy today. We had thunderstorms this evening, so I'm going to blame them. I got up, took a pain pill, grabbed my blanket and pillow and camped out on the sofa until after noon.

I'm thinking all this pain lately is going to be my new baseline. It happens that way. Something new will appear and while I wait for it to disappear, it never does and I just feel that way all the time from then on. My upper arms just feel bruised, like somebody has punched me repeatedly in the arms and my skin hurts to touch it. I think the skin sensitivity is the worst thing. Even wearing a shirt with sleeves is painful. Quite annoying. Had to use my inhaler today too, for the first time in a long time. Just sound crackly when I breathe. But the inhaler worked. Now, if I could just sleoep. I just checked the weather radar and there are more storms coming... Probably why I'm still awake.

A levee was breached near the Ft. Calhoun nuclear plant today. All we've been told is that there's nothing to worry about. I'm not being paranoid, but I wonder why bother with the levee in the first place if it wasn't needed. I had heard last week that workers were being advised to not get into the flood water surrounding the facility. How they were suposed to avoid it is another matter, I guess. I'm not going to worry about it. There's nothing we can do if there is a problem, so worrying won't do any good. We've had so much rain lately, and Gavin's Point is going to start releasing more water... Somebody's head ought to be rolling over this fiasco. Now there's major flooding in Minot, North Dakota, too. A quarter of the town has been evacuated. So many things are being lost and ruined, families are being displaced... And none of these floods are short term.People in Minot were told they probably wouldn't be able to go home again until September. That's so sad.

I told Steve today that we've really been blessed lately. No problems with the flooding, tornadoes, or storms. He said we're lucky. I prefer to think of it as blessed. It is scary that so much is going on throughout the world though. I think we all need to be taking stock of what's going on in our own lives and try to improve ourselves and become more in tune with what God wants us to be doing.

Which reminds me... The missionaries just dropped by on Thursday evening before Steve got home from work. They were doing splits with some new elders, one was from Tonga and Tuesday was his first day out in the field. We had talked a little bit about Steve and how he wasn't interested in going to church or hearing the discussions, etc. Well, when Steve got home, the first thing this Elder did was bear his testimony to Steve and ask him what he thought about the church. (sigh) Steve told him that he (Steve) was a very happy Lutheran. I almost laughed out loud - He won't even say prayers with me at the end of the day or at dinner, and doesn't practice any kind of religion. Oh well. At least he stayed polite and told they could come back and "visit" any time. We have a very excited, new missionary in Omaha! I think once he gets the idea out of his head that he's going to convert my husband he'll be very successful!

Hailey was over yesterday, my Cute Little Princess! Steve got her trike out for her, she loved it, but doesn't get the fact that she has to put her feet on the pedals. She doesn't WANT to put her feet on the pedals! So cute. I got some good pictures. Then we watched Thomas and Wiggles a bit and that made her happy. I read her to sleep and she took a good nap, once we got Toby to SHUT UP! That dog drive's me nuts! I better call it quits for tonight. I feel the Ambien wrking and this will make no sense if I write any longer!

Love to you, my friends!

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