Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lost and Found Friday

Remember the debit card I lost - I found it! Remember the iPod I have? I lost it... Oh well, I'm still even, right? Don't know how I'm going to go to sleep tonight without music, but I imagine I will - eventually.

One of the Sister missionaries who was here um, several years ago became a mom for the second time on the 20th of June!! Welcome Justus Helland and congrats to mom, Melody Thatcher Helland and her husband, Blake. They also have a little girl, whose name I can't remember - of course. Hey, was doing good to remember her husband's name! Anyway - congrats to the family and have fun enjoying the new addition.

Hailey should be at Matt's for the weekend. I tried calling, but they must be busy. I sure hope I get to see her this weekend, I'd really like to see what she thinks of the new trike!

We went over to mom and Bob's tonight to feed the opposum and the squirrels. Only mom and Bob would be feeding an opposum! I had to laugh when we got there. Everything is laid out on the table, cat food, ears of corn, bird seed, and even a pitcher of water for watering the plants on the deck. Next to the item is an index card with instructions written on it. "Use this to water the plants on the deck 2 times." "Put a new ear of corn out on the deck." "Put 3 scoops of cat food in the white square dish, and water in the round white dish." I was cracking up. I should get a picture the next time we go over. Guess they want to make sure we don't forget anybody.

Their neighbor has been working on their swimming pool. A couple years ago the former owners of the house had done some work on the pool, but apparently it wasn't up to code, so the new owners had to rip out the whole pool and the new concrete deck they had built when they moved in. I would have been so angry!!! The new pool is in and they were filling it tonight. Really pretty, dark blue with nice looking tile around the edges. Should get a picture of that too... Nice. Wish we had a pool. I'd even settle for an above-ground pool, but with all the trees around here we'd spend most of the time cleaning the thing out. Plus, with the Omaha laws, we'd have to build a 6' privacy fence to the pool wouldn't be visible from the street. If I could afford one, I couldn't afford the other! Oh well, that's what air conditioners are for, right?

Didn't call Dr. T today. I'm going to wait and see what happens. I'm not really eager to have it yanked. I know, call me chicken, Bawk, bawk!

It was a gorgeous evening! After we went to mom and Bob's we went to DQ for a root beer float. Ever since we went to DQ in Blair a couple of weeks ago, I've been hungry for one. Mis-take! They don't use A&W root beer of course, and that's the only kind I like. From now on, I'll stick with ice cream cones from DQ and home made root beer floats.

My friend Anita posted on FB the other day that she was afraid she might have to evacuate because of the flooding. She lives in the trailer park out by OPPD north of the airport. I told her then if she needed a place to store things, she was more than welcome to bring them over here because we had 2 empty bedrooms. Last night she asked if the offer still stood. Of course. I'd hate to be worried about my irreplaceable family things in case of a flood or tornado or something. I should back everything up on computer disks and put important originals in a safe deposit box. Anyway, she has things of her mom's that she hasn't gone though yet (her mom passed away last year), and a bookcase, which is all she has of her dad's, and of course her CDs and things like that. Her sister was afraid we'd keep them - oh my goodness... I just like to help people who need help, if I can. I feel like there's not a lot I can do anymore for people since this stupid fibro has gotten so bad. If all I can do is offer a safe place for family heirlooms for someone, then I'll gladly do it. She might be moving her mobile home out to 110th and Ida, where I lived for awhile. That's a nice park. She says they're in the county, not the city so they have reliable garbage collection (yes, they do!), a tornado shelter, and a swimming pool and it's only $100 a month more than she's paying out in East Omaha. I think she'd like it there, I really do. I have to laugh though, I haven't even ever met her, but she's talked to me about dad and how to deal with his dementia and things (she's a home care worker) and I feel like I know her. Between her and India, I think I finally might be finding some good friends.

Funny thing, when I saw Randy and India the other night when they picked up Callie, I thought Steve and Randy would probably get along pretty good. They're both kind of quiet. Wouldn't that be nice?

Nothing new happened today in my life! Just hung around the house and enjoyed the nice weather. Looked for my iPod... Darn it, I get so mad when I lose things. So achy lately, I wonder if that's going to be my new normal. I hope not, but that's the way things start. I feel like something new is going on and I wait for a couple days or a week or so for it to subside, but it doesn't and there it is, a new normal! Sucks, but what else can you do? Today my pain pills did absolutely nothing. I'm getting kind of worried about my lack of response to the pain medicine. What do I do if I really need it for surgery or something?Guess I'll just have to take it as it comes and see what happens. It could be worse.

Karl T., who I know through Judy write a blog every Friday night and in tonight's blog he was saying that he had been feeling dizzy and having some other symptoms lately, so his doctor recommended an MRI. He got the results back and he has an acoustic neuroma - a brain tumor. Apparently since his is close to the brain stem and he would be in danger if it grows, they're going to do surgery. My prayers are with him and his wife Susan and all of their little fur kids. See... It could always be worse.

I think I shall call it a night and try to get some sleep - well, maybe I'll read a little. Kindle had a bunch of free cookbooks to download tonight. They're old - some are very old... I got one from the Eatmor Cranberry Company full of cranberry recipes, and at the end there was a contest to vote for a girl to be the Eatmor Cranbery Girl, and the contest closed on December 31, 1953 - but the way I see it, good recipes and good food are timeless. I did get a chuckle out of some of the recipes in the Pennsylvania Dutch Cook Book such as tripe soup - Never! And sauerbraten - nope... But there were some good sounding ones in some of the other books. I got a good giggle out of one of the books - it's a home ec book from years ago and they talk about how the presentation of the food at your family dinner table is so important.. Ha ha ha... Tonight I microwaved a frozen pot pie for Steve and slapped it on a plate and handed it to him. How was my "presentation" sweetie? Not that it would kill me to take some of the messages to heart... But no aprons, and no candles!

Have a good night!

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