Friday, June 17, 2011

Freaky Friday

Not really freaking, just the same old stuff.

I had to take my car in for a tuneup. I love my car, but I had to take it in today because there was a recall notice for it. Wow. I've only had it 6 weeks! I'm not even sure what they did to it, but they washed it for nothing, so that was nice.

Told Steve I didn't want to go biking yesterday and would rather drive around looking at the flooding. He took me for a hugely long hike down by ConAgra downtown. I was in serious pain and not very happy. Can't decide if he: a) Doesn't hear me. b) Doesn't pay attention to what I say. c) Has no concept of pain, or d) Was trying to get even for me not going biking. Probably, it was a combination of all of the above! Ah well, it made the warm shower that much nicer when we got home.

Forgot to order my Ambien today. MUST get it done and picked up by 4 p.m. tomorrow.

We FINALLY got rid of those stupid bricks from in front of the house! When we moved in they bordered a small rose garden, but they were put in the ground with the the sharp ends sticking out of the ground, so I had Steve dig them out because I was always scared someone would fall on them. He dug them out and then just put them in front of the house - two years ago. Smitty said he wanted them, but that's as far as that got. I told him this week I wanted them GONE, so he loaded up the truck tonight and we took them out there. Now, if I could just get the rocks weeded (yes, you read that right), get some type of holder for the hose so it isn't always laying in the yard, and get the cobwebs off the front of the house, I think it will look a lot better. We need more rock in the back yard, but I'm just happy to have those stupid bricks gone!

When we were going out to Sue and Smitty's there wasn't a cloud in the sky, it was gorgeous out - just a little humid, but about 87 degrees. Nice. As we turned off of 84th Street, I noticed a thunderhead way off to the northeast, but that was it. We got in the truck after Steve unloaded the bricks and he turned the weather radio on and they were just announcing a tornado confirmed just north of Cedar Bluffs - and sure enough the sky was all gray and angry looking off in that direction. Scared the crap out of me because Meg is at Camp Cedars just north of Cedar Bluffs! Her being at camp didn't used to bother me so much, but ever since that tornado hit the scout camp at Little Sioux and killed some scouts, it scares the crap out of me.

I had to laugh though, I sent her a text message to see if they were okay, but there was still a severe t-storm warning, so she said she'd call me later. Then I got a message from her saying, "Theres a shit ton of golf ball sized hail and otherwise were good". This from my English major daughter! I'm not sure exactly how much a shit ton is either....

I've downloaded a bunch of free books and stuff on my Kindle, but now I don't feel like reading any of them. I get a blog every day about free books on Kindle and some sound pretty good when I read the reviews, so I download them and then when I go back to read them - eh, not so much. I got one the other day about 2 brothers and a sister who are firefighters, but it turned out to be nothing but a glorified love story. Ick. I hate those stupid books. Boy meets girl, they fall in love, but something beyond their power is keeping them apart, or else one of them is totally oblivious to the other, they have a fight, and then miraculously at the end of the book they realize they can't live without each other. Blech. Change the names, the books are all the same. Booooooring. Do you think I like romances? Heh heh... Let's have some true life. Boy meets girl, they think they're in love so they get married. Boy is totally indifferent to girl, but goes nuts to hang out with his friends and girl is left at home alone all the time. One or the other dies before they realize maybe they care about the other after all. Maybe. Hey, now THAT'S life.

Took Cookie to the vet the other day. She just could not stand up. Picture Bambi on ice, only not so cute and kind of scary. When I called to make her appointment, I seriously thought we were going to have to put her down, but he prescribed some tramadol for her arthritis pain and we're going to see if that helps. She also has a new heart murmur that's pretty significant, so we need to watch that too. Since then she has been better, but not like her old self, still does the Bambi thing and needs a lot of help. Should you put a dog to sleep just because she's old and can't walk anymore? She still struggles to run to Steve and she loves to just be held and sleep on my lap while I watch TV in the daytime. Does she have the quality of life of a puppy? No. But then I don't have the quality of life of a toddler either, but I still enjoy my life and wouldn't want someone to put me to sleep. I struggle with decisions like that. I won't let her get as bad as Jojo, heart-wise though. I know now that I let his heart get too bad. I miss him though.

Steve and Tom are going to Walnut, Iowa, for their antique celebration tomorrow. I'm not. I've had enough of being drug all over the place for one week. Besides those 2 get to talking and I could literally disappear and they'd never notice. I'm invisible. So, I might as well stay home where I'm appreciated! (The dogs, you know...)

Next Tuesday, Lisa is bringing Callie and Tilley to Omaha. India is taking Callie and I'm going to take Tilley to Clive, or Des Moines, or wherever on Wednesday. Steve was going to take Wednesday off, but wouldn't you know it, he has meetings that morning and can't. I really didn't expect that he would, so I'm not too disappointed. I kind of wanted to go to Hickory Park and thought that would be a good reason to go. He says he could get off at lunch and we could go then, but I really don't want to have dinner in Ames and then have to drive home. I'll just go in the morning and be home by 2 or so, and that will be that!

The flooding is crazy here... I'll have to take I-80 through Omaha and Council Bluffs and then go up into Iowa. Can't go across the Mormon Bridge, the road is flooded on the Iowa side and I-29 is closed from the Crescent exit to Missouri Valley. It makes the drive a little longer, but not that bad. I-29 is also closed from Hamburg, Iowa, to Rock Port, Missouri -- that'll put a dent in the fireworks in Omaha this year! ha ha ha...

Well, thus endeth another day. Hallelujah and good night!

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