Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sometimes I have to wonder

I wonder why I even try to anything good or nice for other people. It always, ALWAYS, backfires. Steve is probably right this time, although it kills me to admit it. I never should have had this party for Meg. I can't do it alone, he's no help, Meg and Jason had to get Jason's glasses fixed last night so she couldn't come over and help me get the house ready, I haven't heard a word from Brittany; other than to tell me how many people "might" come, and now dad "has" to get his roof fixed TODAY, so Mel can't come over and help me decorate the house. I'm kinda ticked since Jason and Britt are supposed to be helping me with this and so far all of their help has involved inviting people on Facebook. As far as Steve goes, I bought the card, the present, all the food, all the decorations, and then he gets mad at me when I ask for help with the house. He said the party should be for family only. I thought a 30th birthday was a big deal. Apparently, I was wrong. If I didn't have 18 pounds of brisket in the smoker I'd call everybody and tell them to forget the whole damn thing.

I'm just sad.

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