Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I'm sick to death of this crap. I swear, if I had my way I'd spin a bottle in the driveway and go whatever direction it pointed and that would be that.

Dad paid that idiot Deb Cunningham the money he owed her a couple of weeks ago, which enabled him to get his entire file from her and give it to Richard H., his new divorce attorney. Sounds like that should have alleviated some of the problems we had with getting the documents he needed, but not so. Apparently Pam's discovery information wasn't in the file. Richard contacted Pam's attorney who said it had been completed for Dipshit Cunningham, Esq., and was in that file. Guess what? It wasn't. I talked to Richard the other day and he went through the complete file that he had and no discovery. He suggested we called Cunningham first and tell her the discovery information was missing and if we didn't get anywhere, he'd call her. So Mel called yesterday and talked to her assistant, Phillip, because (wouldn't you know it) Cunningham was out of the office. I doubt she was working... Phillip told Mel he would check the files and around the office and call her back. Another amazing coincidence - No return phone call. Today Mel called AGAIN and Peggy, the secretary, told Mel that Cunningham and Philip had just come into the office, but amazingly enough when Peggy asked her name and Mel told her Peggy was mistaken and it wasn't them she had seen come in the office. It took her 5 minutes to figure that out, however. When Mel said she was calling about the discovery information for dad, Peggy said she had just put it in the mail this morning for dad's new attorney. Finally!!! BUT when Mel called Richard to tell him the discovery information was in the mail, he said he had called Cunningham yesterday and spoken directly to the amazing disappearing lawyer herself and gee, she really didn't THINK she had ever done a discovery on Pam. WTF?! I'm curious as hell to see what shows up in the mail at Richard's office. Cunningham also told Richard that "the girls wanted the house and I just didn't know what do to". OMG, that lying BITCH! We have never, ever, ever told anybody that we wanted the house - because we don't! We told Cunningham time and time, and time again that Pam could have whatever she wanted, including the house, anytime she wanted it. But allegedly she never wanted anything. At least that's what Cunningham told us. Of course, she also told me to send the bills to Pam while dad was comatose in the hospital, but she told Mel that she never told me that. That woman is such a liar - and a thief, considering how much money dad paid her - for nothing. I'm going to write to the Nebraska Bar association about her. They won't give her the electric chair, which would be nice, but maybe just having such information on her will do somebody some good. I'm also going on every lawyer review site I can find and tell anybody who wants to know what a lying scumbag she is. Of course I'll tell the truth and try not to be libelous about it.

Richard also told Mel that he's concerned that if my dad goes into a VA facility that Pam will ask for a portion of his pension. What the hell else can she possibly take from him? She left him $70,000 in debt, in a house he can't afford and also can't sell, and now she wants any money the VA doesn't take for his care until he dies. Fuck her.

I seriously think that probably God gave me fibromyalgia because if I were in good health and 100 pounds lighter, I'd kick her ass around the block and back. I'm so mad I can't even hardly type this. I hate her. I absolutely loathe and despise her and I wish she were dead. Fine, I'll go to hell for saying that, but it's true. If nothing else ever happens that I wish for, I hope dad outlives the bitch. I don't care if it's only by 2 minutes, I just want to see her with NOTHING. Richard also said we can't have an estate sale when dad goes into a nursing home. Okay. Maybe we need to get rid of the stuff before then. Fine with me.

I think another thing that's making this situation so intolerable is the whole Hailey thing. At least every other week I had her to take my mind off other crap and now I'm lucky if I see her 2 days a month. I have tried, seriously tried to be a good person in my life. I have made mistakes, just like everyone else, i'm human... But I'm so tired of being fucked over by everybody and everything that I just quit. I feel like all he joy and goodness have been sucked right out of my life. I miss my baby girl. Matt said when Skank came to pick her up the other night she told him she had to have an MRI, but he didn't ask what for. Dare we hope? See, I am going to hell. I think it bugged her to no end that Matt didn't ask why she had to have the MRI - he said she told him about 3 times, but all he said was okay. Ha ha ha... Like we give a rat's ass what happens to her. I guess since AIDS doesn't show up on an MRI, that's not the problem. At least not yet. It just makes me sick to my stomach to think of Hailey living with that idiot and her alcoholic, psychotic mother. Her dad is okay, but he won't open his mouth for fear of getting it slapped shut by Bipolar lady. What a mess. Good reason not to pick up whores in a bar, they end up pregnant and you're stuck for life.

I alsmot wish I could drink, maybe life would be tolerable then.

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