Saturday, February 12, 2011

Surgery and the best nurse EVER!

I had surgery to remove that stupid abscessed cyst from under my arm the other day. Piece of cake, I don't know what I was so worried about. I have to give credit where credit is due though - I had the best nurse EVER! She got an IV started without numbing medication, in one stick, and I have no bruise! She was so funny too, we got along wonderfully! And Dr. Drobny is the best anesthesiologist in the world! I told him last time I had MAC anesthesia the drape over my face made me very claustrophobic, so he placed the drape over my neck and up around my face so it was more like a barrier than a cover. That's the last thing I remember. He told me in the pre-op room, "I can't guarantee that's you'll be asleep, but I can damn well guarantee you won't feel any pain". And I didn't. He was great!

So, in the end, the cyst is gone, I had a great nurse, a great anesthesiologist, and a great surgeon, Dr. Zadalis. I think Immanuel Medical Center is definitely the place to go if you have any health issues - good teamwork and a great atmosphere.

This picture is of me - after surgery, with Beth, RN - If I ever have to have outpatient surgery again, I hope she's my nurse! The OR nurse was really great too, but I met her after I'd already had a dose of Versed, so the only thing I really remember about her is that she had cold hands! But she was very nice and I appreciate her too!

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