Saturday, November 13, 2010

This and That for November!

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Isn't this a great shirt? I want it! My old prednisone shirt is looking a little worn!

I love this picture of Hailey - When I see it I think of the Primary Song "Reverently, Quietly" (which you should be able to hear when you click on the green button in the above song bar), but I have to confess that she folds her arms when she's ticked off and I just happened to catch her with her eyes closed! There was nothing reverent or quiet about this picture!

Steve is off on another killing spree... Don't worry, only Bambi and her mama are in danger! I hate this week of the year, absolutely hate it! I don't particularly care for deer meat and I don't know why he goes if we're not going to eat the meat. He hasn't actually shot a deer for years now anyway - probably just an excuse to go away and play with the boys for a week or so. Wish I could find a good excuse to do the same!

As usual, with Steve gone, one of the dogs have to have a health problem. Ruger got up this morning and wouldn't eat his breakfast. I called the vet, because of his Cushings I tend to take his health a little more seriously than I do the others. Dr. Jesske called back about 4:30 to see how he was doing. I still hadn't been able to coax him to eat or drink anything. I even tried putting his bowl of food on the table by the chair, because he loves to eat anything that might be left on that table for say... 2 seconds! Still, he hadn't touched it. Dr. J said to bring him on in for a couple injections of fluid since he hadn't been drinking, and a steroid shot. He asked when Ruger had his last Lysodren pill and I really don't know if Steve remembered to give it to him on Wednesday or not, so he said we'll just hold it until Ruger is past this crisis. Tomorrow he has to go back in for blood work. I noticed his tummy is becoming a little bare again and his hair is falling out by the handful - might be time to adjust his meds again. Poor sweetie. He always looks so worried! His eyebrows have turned white in the past couple months, which gives him a perpetual Eeyore look.

Hailey was here this week - so it was a good week. She has grown another tooth - that makes 5! So she now has 3 on the top and 2 on the bottom. This week she perfected her walking backward skill and is holding her hands over her head and twirling around so she can dance more with The Wiggles now! I can't wait for Christmas and watch her with the DVD we got her that has some of her favorite songs on it. The one we watch now is good, but not so much familiar stuff on it. She just LOVES The Wiggles!

The excitement of the first snow is over! We had a couple inches last night. I didn't mind the snow as much as hearing branches fall on the roof because the snow was so wet and heavy. Of course the dogs are on high alert because Daddy is gone, so every little sound makes them very nervous. Consequently, they barked until almost midnight at every bump and creak, which of course creeped me out and made me nervous. It was a vicious circle! By 4:30 when I took Ruger to the vet, the streets were all just dry with wet spots from the melting snow (which will turn to ice tonight, with an expected low of 29). There's still snow on the grass in most places, but it's all fallen out of the trees and walking wasn't too bad. As I was watching it fall last night I kept wondering who was going to shovel the driveway and sidewalks today. I knew I sure wasn't. I have no idea how to use the snow blower, and I don't even know if it has gas in it yet! We were expecting 3-6", and I thought it might be a problem, but it wasn't. Whew. Dodged that bullet!

Still dealing with Missy's lack of comprehension where the English language is concerned. Mel needed to work a lot of OT this weekend, but Missy had a headache. She went to Ray's yesterday at 4 p.m. and Mel told her she really needed to get back to work last night and today to get the OT in. Of course Ray's truck has bad tires (oh yea...) and she couldn't make it home until noon today. I might have more sympathy for Missy if she didn't get headaches whenever someone expected her to do something, or if she got the shot, then came home instead of spending the night with her man du jour. All I'm concerned with is dad, but if you try to say anything to her, she takes it as a personal attack.

Looks like they're going to have to lock up the medicine at home. (I hope they can find a lockbox big enough to hold Missy's stash.) Friday Missy was going to give dad his noon meds when she discovered that all of Friday's pills were gone. She called Mel to see if she should give him more. (I'm not even going there...) I called Dr. Green to check on the status of all the paperwork she has, and the nurse called me back because she was concerned about possible interactions with the medications if they were taken all at once. He didn't have to go in, but we had a good discussion about safety measures for dad at home. Mel said he's been up late at night and she heard him on the phone with Pam one night about 2:30. I'm wondering about Sundowners. He came downstairs one night at 10 p.m. to take his 3 p.m. medications because he thought it was afternoon... We're afraid that he might fall down the stairs while he's wandering. He won't use the walker that we borrowed from Bob and Carole. I told Mel we're just going to have to follow him around with the walker. Every time he goes into the living room, put the walker right next to him. If he goes into the dining room, but the walker next to him. Constantly remind him that he has to use it. He has a lot of pain in his knees, especially since his last round of falls. I'm worried about the multi-level house too. Lots of things to worry about. We need to try to get Missy to understand that he simply CANNOT be left alone. Mel has told her this time and time again, yet she'll leave him at home while she runs errands. It'll only take seconds to fall, and we all know Missy's "errands" can last for hours.

One good thing is the VA had sent dad a list of Adult Daycares that he would be able to use. (I hate that term - adult daycare...) Anyway, one on the list was Sarah Care on 132nd and Maple. Mel did a tour last week and it sounded great. Dad is qualified for the VA to pay for 2 days per week until March 2011 - that's good news! Now, when Missy doesn't show up after a night out, Mel can just take dad there and he'll be taken care of. That's a BIG relief - too bad he doesn't qualify for more days - but we'll be happy with what we get.

Hailey goes back to the doctor this week on Thursday to see if her leg had been fractured. She's been getting around on it this week with no problems, so I don't know what to think. Well, I know what to think, but I'm not saying! We'll see what the doctor thinks!

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