Saturday, May 29, 2010

Helllllloooooo Summer!

Miss Hailey in her Dorothy the Dinosaur hat from the WIGGLES!!! I found it on eBay and it totally rocks. The inside is denim and she can wear it both ways! She's a rockin' baby!
Glad summer is finally here.... I was so sick of the winter doldrums following me around.

Went to Bob and Mom's tonight to celebrate Steve and Sue's birthdays. Tomorrow we're going to grill hamburgers to celebrate Matt's birthday - Yay! He made it to 27!!!

Had to talk to dad today when I went out to pick up Hailey. He was very, very civil and not snippy at all. Now I'm feeling guilty for writing that darn note. But I needed to get those things off my chest. They're gone and I'm okay!

Steve rode to Bellevue on his bicycle today - I wonder how far that is in bicycle trail miles? I woke up and his truck was here but he was nowhere to be found. Kind of scary, but I survived and he did too - barely! LOL! Some things you just have to work on slowly!

That's about it. Taking Hailey to church with me tomorrow and cooking out for Matt is all I have planned. My Rebel died, so I'm missing it like crazy... No pictures this holiday!


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