Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hell Week

I'm glad this week is over. Was it only Monday that Pam moved out? Dad, of course, has been an emotional wreck. Take that with the little bit of dementia that he does have and it was a loooong week. I never, ever in my wildest dreams expected to see my dad in this position. I think though, at this time anyway, he's finally getting over the idea of her being gone. I hope she just rots in hell for telling him 2 weeks before she moved that she was leaving. It was a horrible 2 weeks for him emotionally, and I'm pretty sure she knew it and that's why she did it. I think she has no feelings whatsoever - about anything. She's some kind of droid - and a stupid one at that. Of course since she found out dad has a lawyer and is filing for divorce she's told him that she loves him, blah, blah, blah. Yeah, she found out she's not going to just move out and have a good old time, half the bills will be hers and she's not liking that at all. Funny how when the money (or credit) is all gone, she turned tail and ran. Almost makes me wish dad had been unable to work sooner than this - really, he is 77, it's about time he gets to enjoy not having to work every day. We finally go see his attorney on Monday to sign the papers and then the filing will take place and maybe he can really get some peace of mind then. He's so worried about the bills and the car payment and whether or not "she" gets the car loan put in her name only since he has the truck. Ugh. It just really breaks my heart to see him worry so much about this stuff. The fact that he can't remember what we told him yesterday or the day before doesn't help much.

Matt and Mirisa got all moved in yesterday (big sigh of relief). Matt said they did okay today and of course Mirisa made dinner (like any normal person would...). He said dad only had one bad spell today when "she" called him, he was trying very hard not to cry in front of Matt. I'd like to slap her silly - and I'm sure I could get my sister to help!

Pretty sure I'm working on an ulcer. Every time I eat I feel sick. I vaguely remember these symptoms from when I was married the first time. At least Prevacid is on OTC drug now - heck, I don't even think it had been invented then!

Steve went to Hastings today for a gun show. I was going to go and do genealogy at the Adams County Historical Society, but decided to stay home. I just wasn't feeling that great this morning. Glad I followed my instincts and stayed home - my macaroni and cheese for lunch didn't set well. Had a Healthy Choice turkey dinner tonight and it seems to be okay, but I sure felt like crap this afternoon.

Hailey spent the night on Friday. (Today is Saturday.) I'm loving the age she's at now - she squeals and laughs at everything - such a GOOD baby. The only time she gets cranky she's either tired or hungry. Make no mistake, when she's crabby, she's CRABBY, but that's rare. For some reason she thinks Ruger is funnier than the rest of the dogs. All he has to do is walk into the room and she starts laughing. Silly girl. It's so nice for her at dad's because there's carpet and we have hardwood floors, so we can turn her loose in the living room and she just rolls all over the place. If you put a toy down she doesn't scoot for it, she rolls over and over to get to it. Hilarious! The other day Meg had her outside - it was almost 70 degrees and gorgeous! She liked being outside, but it was kind of windy, so she'd snort when the wind hit her face. Meg had a bowl of popcorn and put it on Hailey's tummy when they came in, so I have some pictures of her chewing on the bowl and wearing it as a hat.

Hailey was the best part of the week, no doubt!

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