Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ya gotta wonder

I had to laugh at one of my mom's facebook postings today - in response to my sister saying it had been 30 years since my grandma passed away - mom says. "I miss her too". Oh my heavens. I'm surprised that woman hasn't been struck dead yet. She MISSES her? I guess that means she misses telling her that she stinks and needs to take a bath, or she misses yelling at her for maning messes at the dinner table, or misses just being mean to her. When my grandmother came to live with my parents she had cancer and had fallen and could no longer live by herself. My mother made her life a living hell. Grandma smoked - a lot - probably second only to my mom, but mom made it pretty clear that grandma had to stay in her room - a 12 x 12 bedroom, gets pretty gross after you smoke 3 packs of cigarettes a day in it. When she would come out my mom would complain about the way the room smelled. Well what the heck to you expect? She would tell grandma, "You stink, go take a bath" in words that sounded like daggers. Never things like, "Mom, you need to go wash up". Never an offer to help her, as grandma was getting quite forgetful. No compassion whatsoever. She treated grandma like dirt. Then, after she had a stroke and mom put her in the nursing home, that was the end of that. On her birthday she sent grandma's birthday card to the nursing home with my other sister, didn't even call her own mother to wish her happy birthday. Grandma shed quite a few tears that year, that didn't bother mom in the least, I'm sure. At least she didn't have to deal with the "stink". And now mom misses her. I guss that's why she has grandma's ashes stick back in the back of her closet huh? What a hypocritical witch. But hey, it looks good to her friends of facebook, doesn't it? "Oh poor me, my mother's been dead 30 years and I miss her so much".... Bullshit. She probably didn't even realize it was the day until Melanie said something. And now Melanie wants to grow up to be just like her mommy. Wow. That's something to aspire to. Go for it Mel.

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