Sunday, July 5, 2009

Shower time and Happy Fourth of July

This last Thursday we had a blast! At least I know I had a blast and I think everyone else did too. Matt's two aunts on his dad's side, Shari and Lil, came over, Mirisa, her mom, and her sister Meghan came over, and we got to work on the shower invitations. What fun we had decorating! Lil showed me some good ideas and Mirisa and Meghan had fun going through the buttons... Even Matt made an invitation. Lil was given the title of "editor" since Mirisa and Meghan liked the buttons, but didn't like to do ribbons... LOL! They were all pretty neat, some were very, um, creative, yeah, that's it! The showers (ours and Mirisa's mom's) are less than 2 months away! I think they're going to be fun! I've got to dig out some more ideas for games, and get the door prizes, and get my house clean... (bleah), but I can't wait to see all the stuff the kids get. They're busy right now trying to find another place to live. I wouldn't want to be in their place right now. Rent is so expensive, plus you've got people scamming like crazy for rental property on places like Craig's list. I hope they can find something soon.

Meg was home for the weekend. That was so much fun. We played a couple games of Scrabble, one with grandma that was - interesting... lol! The weekend went by too quickly, that's for sure. Maybe it's because I'm working? Yeah, probably. My holiday was the fourth and it was my weekend, so I've been stuck at home since Thursday night. Steve took Meg back to camp today - too early for me to get up. I got up at 10:30 when somebody I don't know rang the doorbell... What's up with that? Visiting at 10:30 in the morning?

Toby gave us a little scare this weekend. He started bleeding and we discovered a huge lump right underneath his belly band. Turns out he had an infection. Of course our vet was busy and couldn't see him, but Steve took him to the vet clinic on Dodge Street where we had Sophie's nail fixed once and they did a good job, they drained it and irrigated it, and he seems to be doing much better now. Poor buddy. It probably didn't hurt him since he's paralyzed, but it scared us! He has to take some antibiotics for a week or so more. I'm just glad he' okay. He may be ornery as hell, but the house would sure be quiet without him!

Better get back to work - that's all the news that is news!

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