Saturday, October 4, 2008

Homecoming weekend

It's homecoming week at Doane, so Steve and I spent half the day with Meghan. I'm not much for football and neither is Steve, so we opted out of the festivities tomorrow, but today we had fun. Steve took a half day and it was my regular day off this week, so we made it down to Doane by about 1:45 or so. Meg took us all over campus and showed us what she's been working on and where her classes are - when she's not student teaching at the high school, that is. I still can hardly believe she's actually out there student teaching...

Today was another gorgeous day. A bit warmer than it has been. Just enough to make the bees and wasps nice and crabby. This is the worst time of year for them. Steve got stung in the finger by a bee just putting his truck in the garage the other day and Meg got stung by a wasp on the arm at school. I'm just staying away from anything that flies!

I got some pictures while we were in Crete today, so I'll try to get those on either my Picasa or Flickr site tomorrow. Two whole days off... Yay!

I was so proud of myself for finding my brother a birthday card about a month ago, so I wouldn't be running around like Henny Penny the week before his birthday, trying to find a card. Guess what? I couldn't find it. I looked everywhere and can't remember what I did with it, so I had to go get him another one. Just as well, I think the second one is even better!

We cut our festivities short at Doane tonight. I hurt my hip getting out of the behemoth truck and can you believe it, I forgot my pain pills. I had planned on taking them anyway since we were going to walk around Crete during a break we had this evening, but that didn't work out. We went to a barbecue they were having and then Meg had to go work at the play being presented at the college. We had 3 hours to kill before the show at the planetarium, but by that time I was really hurting and Steve didn't want to get home so late, so we went ahead and came home early. Me's roommate Katie is a treat to visit with, I really enjoy her. One of the RA's rooms with them, but she has a room to herself, and we only caught a glimpse of her today. He's nice enough, but I really like Katie! Steve, Meg and Katie climbed the bell tower this afternoon, I think Steve got some good pictures from up there. I got a lot of other pictures around campus. What a nice campus they have! Everyone is sooooo friendly and I think Meg knows absolutely everyone. She was always having to stop and chat with someone everywhere we went. My social butterfly! She gets to go to Washington DC for the inauguration - it's that cool? The only journalism student selected to go. I'm so happy for her. The school pays part of the cost, all she has to pay is $175 for 2 weeks in DC - I want to go...! No matter who wins this stupid election, it will be history making and I'd love to see it. Of course I'd love to see it more if McCain and Palin win, but still...

Speaking of which, I got to watch the VP debates Thursday night. They both did well. Really. I have to laugh at people who make fun of the way Sarah talks. Really? If that's the only thing wrong with her you should be grateful. I realized Biden toned himself down a bit (thank God), but while watching I kept comparing him to Obama in the presidential debate last week. Biden is a lot better speaker and comes off a lot better than Obama does, that's for sure. I'm thinking
maybe the dems picked the wrong candidate. But Obama just gives me the heebie jeebies anyway, so maybe it's not fair to compare him to anybody except the devil... In which case the devil would win. I just cannot stand that guy...

I had such a good time with Meg today. I wish I would have taken the opportunity to go to college when I had it. I was at that point in my life however, when making good decisions was just not possible. ha ha ha... What a blast it would have been.

On that happy note, good night and have a good weekend!

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