Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tuesday rambling...

I've got a bunch of little thoughts running through my head today...

My coworker at night is going to quit, basically. She told me the other day all she's trying to do is decide on when. Good news and bad news. She's totally undependable, gone at least 1 night a week and sometimes more, but at the same time, we're the only two people at night, so if she quits I'm alone until someone else gets hired. Which could be months, if ever. Sigh.

I read a blog the other night written by a young man about Meghan's age whose mother had stage IV malignant melanoma. It was so heart-wrenching to read, but when I finished reading the entire blog, I wondered to myself how it would feel to have a mother that I really loved and who loved me. One who had been there for me when I needed her, someone I could confide in and know she wasn't just dying to spread the gossip... I can't imagine. I think some of the tears I shed while reading that blog were for the mother I never had.

Today is Tuesday already and Meg leaves for Doane on Thursday. Steve and I both have the day off, so we're going down there with her to see the college and the town. I've never been to Crete. It's not very far really, only about 30 miles away from Lincoln, so only about a 90 minute drive. I'm kind of looking forward to a short car trip - and the bonus of seeing where Meg is going to go to school.

Steve had to go back to the doctor today for his followup. His hematuria (look that up in your Funk and Wagnell's) hasn't gone away, so now he gets to go see a urologist on Friday. I'm hoping this doesn't turn into something nasty for him. I'd feel better if he was in some pain and I could blame it on a kidney stone or something, but he feels fine. Hmmmmm.

Since I was working alone last night - co-worker took a day off, I typed like a mad woman. The cardio docs went nuts yesterday and we had about 40 reports. We've never had that many in one day that anyone call recall. I got them all done and did other reports besides, almost 1600 lines! My back and neck are killing me today though. I was looking forward to taking a dinner break tonight, but it looks like that's not gonna happen since she called in sick already. Ugh.

Well, those are some of my random thoughts. I think I'm going to try to catch a nap. I had my doctor change my Ambien to a lower dose because I thought I was a little dopey during the day, but I couldn't sleep last night. That might have been a mistake! LOL!


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