Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Birthday America

I had the day off today and only slept until 11, so we decided to take a ride. We went up to Nickerson and Fontanelle, just north of Fremont. Fontanelle has an orchard that has some of the best peaches I ever tasted, and I loooooove peaches. I bought 2 bags, I have no idea how many pounds that is, but Steve made a wonderful peach pie when we got home. I'll probably have the same problem Marc had when he ate an entire bag of caramel Bugles since I started taking Alli and I'm sure there's a boatload of fat in a pie crust, but it was so worth it. For just one piece. That's it! I'm only having that piece because you can only get fresh peaches for such a short amount of time, you have to take advantage of it!

We got home a little after 4, this is Cindy's holiday to work, but she wanted the night off, so I offered to take her on call hours for her from 4 until midnight and then I work Saturday this week, so I'm on call until midnight Saturday night/Sunday morning. Cindy really kicked some serious butt today, there wasn't a single op report left when I signed on at 6:30 for a little OT. There were only 2 H&Ps and 1 consult, so all there was to do was rehab and summaries. I usually don't mind the rehab, but we're so far behind and I got several reports from the wound care nurse. Their dictation drives me up the wall anyway because I think it's gross. Surgery reports don't bother me in the least, but the wound care stuff is just over the top for me. Anyway, one of the nurses chews gum constantly while she's dictating and the other one can't follow a template to save her life. Drives me a little batty, but I plowed on through, I don't imagine anyone else cares that much for their stuff either.

I can hardly believe it's July already. I really noticed how much damage there is to crops in the area today when we went for our drive. Believe me, in all my years I can't remember ever seeing water standing in fields in July like it is this year. Sometimes after a hard rain you'll see water in roadside ditches, but you rarely see that in July here either. I'm not talking little puddles in the fields either, I'm talking pond size puddles, if I hadn't driven the same route to and from work for so many years I'd think there were lakes in some of the fields. One of my other co-workers has some farm land near Fremont and they lost their entire crop in last Friday's storm. It wasn't the water that got them, but the hail, totally destroyed their entire crop, yet the field next to them wasn't touched. Crazy Nebraska weather.

Where did this year go? It seems like just the other day it was freezing and I was waiting for warm weather and now it's July already. The dogs are freaked out about the fireworks tonight. Not a single one would go out before bedtime, so I bet we'll have some carpet cleaning to do tomorrow morning. In fact, I can guarantee it, most of them haven't been out since a little after 7. Uh oh.

I just realized I bought a very patriotic shirt to wear today and forgot all about it. D'oh. Oh well, I like the shirt anyway. Good thing.


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