Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Holy guacamole

I watched Dr. Phil's show today on that stupid F*LDS raid in El Dorado, Texas. He came up with the perfect words that I couldn't find the other night. Robotic. They're absolutely robots. Naomi was a woman who had escaped from the cult with her mother and siblings years ago, she was featured on the show as she went back to El Dorado to look for a half sister that she had been taking care of until she left. The people that she met who she had known when she was younger actually seemed to come to life, real live people, for about 10 seconds, and then they'd all slip back into their "We need the children, the children need their mothers" mentality. Scary. The Jefford Wives, would be a good name for them. I agree with my blogger-friend after giving it some thought today, the women are every bit as responsible as the men, but I think they were so brainwashed, so totally owned and controlled that they can't think for themselves. It's frightening.

I look at people who have the stupidity to compare these mindless robots and criminal men to the "real" LDS church. What a joke. I'm totally offended that LDS is even part of their name. Nothing, absolutely nothing these people do has anything to do with Christ and his life. Nothing. I still feel sorry for the women, but not the extent I did the other night. The whole situation makes me want to vomit. Those kids need to be taken somewhere and NEVER given back to those people. And they need to go to the other compounds too and do the same. The children need to be saved from the adults in this whole cult. It's hard to believe that these things happen in the United States.

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East of Eden said...

Ok, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, for sharing your opinion. So many in the LDS blog world are saying these poor kids should go back to their parents, and when I've expressed my opinion, which is similar to yours I've been slammed a new one. I didn't realize Dr Phil had some people on....I never watch daytime TV. Yay Dr Phil! :)