Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Does the fun ever end?

I took my computer up to the hospital yesterday. I still can't figure out why we have to go to the hospital to change our network password, but we do. I thought it wouldn't take long - wrong. I was there for nearly 2 hours. I changed the password, but they they wanted to make sure I could get logged into everything - why I wouldn't when all I did was change the password is beyond me. This involved them downloading Tango on my computer so I could log in to their internet, then when I logged into all my programs to make sure I still could, they had to uninstall Tango... Sigh.

Then, I got home and got my computer set back up and guess what? No VPN! I was about ready to scream, seriously. Then I realized Steve had been messing around in my office and I had the wrong cable plugged into the computer. Whew. Uh oh. Still no cable. I was thinking some not so nice thoughts about the MIS guys when I called to tell them I couldn't log in, when I found out the hospital internet was down, that's why I couldn't log in! WHEW! I have to mention that my CPU is one of those huge old things that weighs too much and I wasn't looking forward to dragging that back to the hospital AGAIN.

Then today at 3:30 I come back to my office, try to log in, and can't connect to the VPN again. What the heck? I called the hospital, sure enough, their internet is down again. Apparently this time it has to do with Alltel and something happening "down south" whatever that means. It's been down now for about 2-1/2 hours and if it stays down for another hour I have to drive up to Fremont to work. Lovely. Can't wait. I'm glad I couldn't sleep this morning and worked for 1-1/2 hours already today. If I get to the hospital and work for another 4-1/2 that doesn't leave an unmanageable amount of time to make up. Granted it's their fault and I don't think I should have to use my PTO, but I'm thinking they're not going to see it that way. Plus, I have to buy gas. Ugh. We're so far behind at work too, it isn't funny. And right now doctors are dictating their little hearts out and there's one person working at the hospital. No one else can even go in if they wanted to, can you believe we only have one work station set up in medical records with access to the typing program. I know we talked in a meeting several months ago about getting another workstation set up, but apparently they haven't done it. Double Ugh. I'm going to go find some dinner in case I have to make the trek north. Wish me luck.

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