Saturday, April 5, 2008

Crazy Day

Today was some day! First, it was my Friday to work alone since Maureen worked last weekend. I hate these Fridays. Seems like all the doctors seem to do their catch up dictation on the Fridays I'm by myself and today was no exception. The regular pulmonary doctor is on an extended vacation and there's another East Indian guy covering for him. Sigh. I can't understand this guy, he has a different dictation style, his accent is different, and he talks very rapidly. Ugh. He dictated about 15 reports today, so I've spent the majority of the evening trying to muddle though his stuff. They aren't long, but I just can't understand him! It's so annoying to spend 10 minutes on a report and then find out it was only 7-10 lines. Frustration!

Amber called this morning about 8:30, although I didn't find out it was her until later. Steve answered the phone and I heard him say I was sleeping, but I was really too tired to care who it was. I got up around 10 or so and noticed from the caller ID that it had been Amber, so I called her back to see what was going on that she'd call that early, she knows I work until midnight, so I figured something was going on. She said she was sick and asked me if I'd take her to the emergency room or urgent care. Of course I said yes, so I just jumped into some sweats and off I went to pick her up. She thought she had the flu or maybe food poisoning since she had gone out to lunch the day before with 4 other people from work and 2 of them also were sick the night before. Made sense to me. Jason had taken the day off to take Vince in for his first set of shots, so he couldn't take her to the hospital, I sure didn't have a problem running her up there.

When we got the ER the triage nurse noted her blood pressure was low, so she said they were going to keep her for a bit. She thought maybe Amber was just a little dehydrated since she hadn't been feeling well and hadn't had enough to drink. I figured they'd give her an IV and send her home. What I didn't count on was how busy the stupid ER was on a Friday at 11 a.m.! I felt so sorry for Amber, the nurse hands her a gown and tells her the rooms are all full, so she's going to have to lay on a gurney in the hallway. Not a quiet hallway either - they must have brought the portable x-ray machine though that hall 5 times - and I'm not exaggerating, while we were there. To top it all off, they didn't even give her a blanket! About noon or so I called Mel, because there were a couple errands I had to run before work, so I asked her if she'd mind coming up to sit with Amber while she waited for a doctor (and a room!). Mel didn't mind and she was out at NW precinct anyway stuffing her face at a going away party for that secretary, so it wasn't too long until she got there and took over guard duty from me.

I ran to Wal-Mart and got a new vacuum (YAY!) and then on to the grocery store because a little bee told me steaks sounded good for dinner, picked up a couple filets and got home in time to grab a couple chips and guac and then start work at 3:30.

I didn't even get to start working before my cell phone rang and it was Mel. Amber had appendicitis and they were going to take her to surgery! Of all the things I thought were going to happen, that sure wasn't one of them! I logged out and got to the hospital to be with Amber while Mel ran home to find Adam, who was late getting home from school and wasn't answering the phone... Jason brought Vince up to the hospital so Amber could see him before they took her into surgery, what a crazy afternoon!

Poor little Vince wasn't feeling the best, having gotten 3 shots, but I have to say he was a little good little guy in the surgery waiting room. He let us know he was less than pleased to be drug around when he'd rather be home snoozing, but all he all he settled in nice and snug in his daddy's arms and slept the majority of the time. Occasionally he'd stretch his legs and then he howl a little, but he was a good boy. I have to mention (take note, Jason), that at the doctor today Vince weighed 13 pounds 10 ounces, was 24 inches long and had a head circumference of 40 cm. He's off the growth chart for his height, in the 100th percentile for his weight, and the doctor said his head is perfectly symmetrical - it's the most perfect head she's ever seen! Doesn't sound like a proud dad told me that, does it?

By the time Amber got out of surgery, Jason (and Vince, of course), Mel, AJ, Dan (Amber's dad), and Amber's grandparents were at the hospital, so I figured I could leave. What could possibly happen with that group standing guard? She was going to be in recovery for an hour and I really had to get back to work. (ho hum)

I talked to her a couple of times tonight and she's feeling much, much better. I think it'll be awhile before she eats at a Mongolian grill again, though! ha ha!

As for everything else that's going on, the weather was beautiful, but from the sound of it, that's not going to last - again. It's supposed to be 70 tomorrow, but then back in the 40s for another week. I'm not even going to comment about it. You all know how I feel about THAT! The kids (human and fur) are doing well, and Steve brewed his Christmas beer for next winter today. The new vacuum is great, (I (heart) my Eureka!) and for the first time in months, I think my carpet is really clean. Thank goodness the old one broke. Steve hates to replace anything if the old one still works - if vacuum cleaners had distributor caps that thing would have been long gone - but I couldn't figure out how to kill it. We got it used from his aunt 15 years ago - yikes!

I guess I need to try to get some sleep, Meg is coming over in the morning and we have to do some shopping. I just realized however, that I didn't take my meds today, so I'm wondering how successful my attempt at sleeping is going to be. I thought my back was hurting more than usual. Duh.


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Anonymous said...

This has been a long weekend - hasn't it? :)

You're the best maunt a daughter/niece could ask for!