Friday, March 14, 2008

Another beautiful day - in Omaha

Lovely! As a matter of fact, I knew it was so lovely and I had a couple errands to run, so I took off in my AC/DC pajama pants, T-shirt and MIckey Mouse Crocs to go to the pharmacy and the feed store for dog food, no big deal, no body pays attention to you go to the feed store. So, I got my drugs and dog food and came home, only to find out that I was locked out. I have no key to my own house. Which is no big deal when you have a garage keypad, but it is a big deal if the garage door to the inside of the house is locked. Oops. Hmmm. Called mom and Bob, they have a spare, but couldn't reach them. Meg had a key, but she walked to work, so that wasn't going to work. Luckily I foundMatt at 120th & Blondo, so I went to get his key. I was only 5 minjutes late for workl Woo hoo! And I will not leave home again in that attire without first making sure I have a key!

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