Saturday, February 2, 2008

That's it, I'm drinking bottled water

I had a glass of water this afternoon with ice in that I didn't finish drinking. Tonight I went to take a drink out of the glass.... Ugh, there were white floaty things in it. Yark! Where the heck did those come from? Yes - the glass was clean when I used it. Ugh. No doubt it was floatsum and jetsum from the Muddy Mo (I can't believe we get out drinking water from that disgusting river), or else it was a glob of fluoride, maybe even some blobs of some germ killing chemical... Whatever it was, I'm hitting the grocery store for a LOT of bottled water tomorrow. Gross.


Marc said...

welcome to the issues I have been dealing with in California for 10 years. Here is my suggestion, don't buy water from the store. It is expensive and the empty bottles create a lot of garbage. I spent the money and got a reverse osmosis system from Culligan and that did the trick!

Meg: said...

It's probably just minerals. LOL