Monday, February 18, 2008

President's Day

I was just working on my blog, when I popped over to read my brother's and saw he called his entry for today "President's Day" also. Well, great minds think alike! Heh.

We didn't do too much this weekend. I worked some on Saturday, the weather was so cold on Friday my old bones were aching, so I didn't work for a whole shift. I had the time to make up on Saturday. Steve went to a gun show in Fremont, so I slept late, worked, and by the time he got home I was ready to call it a day as far as work was concerned. We went down to Borders and then to LaCasa's for pizza with mom and Bob.

Sunday I did nothing. And I do mean nothing! I lounged around the woodstove in pajama pants and a T-shirt all day yesterday. I finally got up long enough to take a shower and put clean PJs on about 7:30. All I did was watch 2 Blue Collar comedy specials, Funniest Home Videos, and some other guy on Comedy Central. It was a laugh a minute, I tell you... lol! I love Bill Engvall. He is so funny. Steve and I saw him years ago at the Funny Bone here in Omaha. He's funny on TV, but he was much funnier in person. I usually don't watch much Comedy Central, my sense of humor doesn't require every other word to be bleeped out or start with the letter "f", but sometimes they have some good stuff on. If you're careful...

This morning the optical place called and said my new glasses were ready, so I went to get them and then off to my therapist appointment. That was fun. Not. Knowing something, admitting you know something, and then working to change those things in your life isn't necessarily fun. But necessary if I want to live out the rest of my life with some sembelence of feeling normal. I think Freud would have fun with me! LOL!

The missionaries dropped by the other night. Elder Schultz has a dachshund at home, so I think whenever he needs a dachshie fix he comes to visit us. We were having a nice visit when WHAM! Buttercup and Sophie decided to mix it up once again. It turned into a free for all with all 7 dogs, Elder Kinderman, Steve, and I all working to break the dogfight up. Geez, that was fun... Nobody got bitten or hurt, so it's all good. Darn that Buttercup through, she just doesn't want to like Sophie! She spent the most of the rest of the evening in her kennel. Life doesn't have to be as hard as she makes it.

That's it for now I think... I had a big post written yesterday and then it just disappeared. I still hate my Gateway laptop. I'll never own a Gateway again. Ugh. Now the DV player/recorder doesn't work on it, so I have to go get it fixed. I'm wondering if spending the money is even worth it. I'd rather just put aside some money and get a new one. Piece of crap.

Steve's home, so I suppose he expects to be fed... Men!



Marc said...

you need to use Spellcheck LOL

Mindi said...

It's not working and I'm too lazy to read it over! Thanks though... ;-)