Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Good luck with the recall...

I heard on the news tonight that there's some guy in town who's starting a petition drive to oust the mayor. Good for him! Too bad he can't oust the rest of the city council while he's at it. There isn't a single one of them worth the powder it would take to blow them to hell. I've never had a particularly favorable view of anybody in politics - especially at the local level, probably started when I worked in the stupid city clerk's office. I can't figure out what the purpose of the city council is anyway, they're all idiots and ought to be sent packing along with the good for nothing mayor. It's nothing but a freaking mutal admiration society anyway. All you hear at election time is all the things they're going to do... Whatever. As soon as they get into office and the mayor says "jump" all they can say is "how high?" Of course really, what's difference does a recall make? We'll eventually get someone just as bad if not worse.

Of course national politics is the same thing. It's like this upcoming election - an absolute joke. There isn't a person running who would do any good for this country, but they could sure ruin it in a hurry. In the democratic party you have your choice of two communists and if you're republican you'll get to chose a liberal. Wow, what a choice. It's like being sentenced to death and being asked to choose which method you prefer. I'll be the first to admit (in case you hadn't figured it out on your own) I'm not enamored of politics or politicians. This country was founded on wonderful principles, which have slowly been eroded over the years by inept, money grubbing people with their own agendas. Nobody in any elected position really gives tinker's damn about the country or their constituants. All they care about is money, their yes men, and what they can to to further their miserable careers. Pathetic. I'm sure the founding fathers have given up in despair.

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East of Eden said...

Our city council is pretty much stupid as well...they are putting a skate park in front of the library, despite protests to the contrary....grr, thankfully we don't have a mayor in our fair town.

As for national politics...AMEN sista! The thing with our country and the principles upon which it is based, requries more than a pulse for its residents. We have to be doing, caring and be selfless, of course, even from the get go (the election of 1796 was not pretty that was Adams v Jefferson), things were messy.