Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tuesday morning blahs

I'm on call until 4 a.m., so I'm considering staying awake and trying to decide what to do. If I hadn't watched the weather tonight I could sure tell you a cold front is on its way in, I can hardly move from my chair. I'm creaking and groaning more than the house! I was supposed to drive up to the hospital tomorrow morning for some meeting on our insurance benefits, but since there's snow, blowing snow, and an wind chill expected to be about -10 in the morning, I think I'm not going anywhere. They'll be lucky if I get out of bed in time to go to work at 3:30 in the afternoon!

I'm on pins and needles (note the sarcasm) to see if Slugatha (aka night-time coworker) is going to decide to have surgery on her back or not. She was off all last week because her back hurt and she was supposed to go to the doctor today so she took tonight off (explain to me why you have to take the night off for a doctor's appointment when you start work at 8 p.m.). Supposedly she and her doctor were going to decide if needs another surgery when she had her appointment today. Personally, I think she's looking for a 6-week paid vacation since she has no PTO time left, but hey, that's just me. She'd like the little boy who cried wolf, unless I see her personally get hit by a bus, I wouldn't believe her if she told me.

Steve has the the small room all painted for me to use as a new office. Cox is coming out on Wednesday to put another cable connection in that room, so I can move my office in there. It looks really bright and nice. I didn't realize how dark the gray walls were before. I chose a pretty light yellow, but it sure brightened the place up. I'm looking forward to getting some curtains and getting my office stuff moved in there. It'll be a job, but to be warm at night while I'm working will be well worth it. I have to admit though, the little heater I got the other night does a good job keeping me warm if I remember to turn it on an hour or so before I work. The dogs love it too, they've all been as close to it as I let them. The unit itself gets hot, which is the only drawback, so I make sure the doglets don't get too close. I'd hate to have them burn themselves on it.

After 1 week of prednisone I don't think Toby is seeing any better. I was kind of hopeful last week after he had taken about 4 days worth, I waved my hand in front of his eyes and he blinked, but he hasn't since, so... He's adjusting pretty well. He's back to being surly when I change his belly band and doesn't want to just lie on the sofa anymore, he prefers to be out and about. I think he was just a little depressed and scared about the sudden change in his sight. Poor thing. I still let Steve do as much as possible with him, I value my fingers.

Well, I'm going off in search of a good book to keep me awake a little while longer. Even though I've caught up on all the stuff that should be needed for work I just know as soon as I fall asleep the hospital will call for something. Of course, if I say up, they won't call, that's just the way it works isn't it? Wow, they were right about the cold front blowing through, I hear the wind howling as I type. Brrrr...

Happy dreams.

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Anonymous said...

You know Min, between you and I, I think we can do better forecasting the weather than the meteorologists. We both know when the weather is going to change, we're just not sure what exactly to expect.........isn't that really what we get from the meterologists most of the time?:) Not that I enjoy being able to tell when the weather is going to change but you know what I mean?
I like your nickname for your coworker (Slugatha). You crack me up! As for Toby, keep the faith Min and rememeber what Buzz said.
Take care, Miss