Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Day of Crap

Where do I start with what a lousy day this was? I'm trying to think of one redeeming thing that happned today... Oh yeah, my brother is sending me his old computer, which is newer than my computer and it has more memory and will run faster... Oh yeah. THAT is the one redeeming thing that happened today.

Slugatha is off work until the end of February. Her back hurts. Oh wah. Cry me a freaking river, chickadee. I don't know when my dear employer is going to realize that keeping this slacker on the payroll is costing them bucks. The funny thing is, we more caught up now than we were when she was working - and I don't think it's because there's OT either. I think there are only 3 people working any OT at all and at most 3 hours a week per person. That's about 1 of the slug's days, hour-wise.

We picked up a dog for NDR last night. I e-mailed Cheryl and told her we needed a foster home. She said okay and I haven't heard a word since. Which is good and bad. Good, because we really like the dog. Bad because Buttercup really doesn't like the dog and in the ensuing turf war this afternoon I got a nasty dog bite on my two middle fingers of my right hand. That's not exactly conducive to fast typing - and it hurts like the devil. I'm thinking maybe I should have gone to the ER to have somebody look at my one finger, there's a huge flap of skin that isn't going to come off on it's own I'm afraid, but it happened during work hours and I didn't want to go then, and now it's probably too late. I'll just have to wait and see how it heals.

Anyway, the new furkid is Sophie. She's an 8 year old black and tan female. She has more energy than the other 6 combined, I think. She loves to chase a tennis ball and will do it, quite literally, for an hour or more if you let her. She brings it right back to you too, none of this playing coy with the toy. She wants to RUN! She's very sweet, but kind of skittish around Steve, the male in her last household wasn't very good to her, so she's not liking men so much. She'll come around, if she stays.

Then I got an e-mail from my friend who had cancer surgery a couple months ago. She's had some problems since and was hospitalized for over a week last since her initial surgery. She since transferred to another doctor who sat down and reviewed her entire record with her and it seems the surgeon wasn't quite as forthcoming with her concerning her diagnosis as he should have been. The cancer had spread to other organs, which he didn't tell her about. She's opted for no more surgery and no chemo or radiation, and I respect her wishes, but it wasn't good news to hear. She's such a good person and a good friend.

The hospital called tonight because a patient was going to surgery and they needed the history typed right away. No problem. Usually. For some reason the next job in my queue, which automatically downloaded as soon as I finished the report I was typing when they called didn't load correctly and my computer locked up. Usually I can just exit the TA program and restart it, but for some reason tonight the entire computer locked up so I had to restart - which is a royal pain in the rear. I have to connect to the hospital VPN and then map the drives, which for some reason takes about 3-4 minutes. Then open the TA program and wait for 6 jobs to download before I can open the first one. Then, since I had a STAT that wasn't entered as such, I had to assign the job to me, which takes another 3-4 minutes. I went through all of that and the darn thing still locked up. I had to call our lead to see if she could get the job typed while I restarted the computer again. I was not a happy camper and I'm sure the OR staff wasn't too happy with me either! Then about 9:30 the hospital called again and said a patient was being transferred to Omaha via helicopter and they needed a consult which the doctor had just dictated. Again, no problem. Excpet for some reason the job didn't download into the system for about 5 minutes. In the meantime I called the hospital back to make sure he had dictated it into our system and not the hospital where the patient was being transferred and about that time it finally showed up in the work queue. Grrrrr.... I then allocated it to myself and it didn't load, which locked up the computer again. I wish I could have checked by blood pressure at that point, I'm sure I would have set some kind of record. I restarted the computer again and it locked up again! I finally got the job done, but it took nearly an hour. Ugh.

Well, it's 6 minutes to midnight, so tomorrow is going be a better day! There's always tomorrow...


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