Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tuesday Chatter

When I say chatter, I mean my teeth. It's freezing! (Picture those cartoon wind-up teeth...) I've got to find something to keep my office warm. I have a small space heater, but the room it too big for it to be really effective. By the time the room gets warm, it's time to quit working! I've even been putting up a baby gate and leaving the door open all the time and when I went to work this afternon it was only 61 in there. Guess what room I'll never use for a bedroom? By midnight, with the little heater going full blast it had warmed up to 71.3. Woo hoo. I almost could take my gloves off... Just kidding. Steve said I should type with a hat on, it would keep my hands warmer. Well, it would, but it would sure look stupid. Besides, I don't want "hat hair" when I've been working all day - at home! I'm not even going to mention that the last time I tried that my hair generated so much static electricity that every time I moved in my chair I got shocked in my ears by my headphones. That's wasn't fun, although I do have to giggle over the image!

Took Toby to the ophthalmologist today. It appears that he has SARDs, sudden acquired retinal degeneration. She started him on prednisone, as it can be caused by an inflammation, and his optic nerves are "sunken" whatever that means. I'm not too hopeful that it will work, but I'm praying that it will. Steve and I aren't making a decision about him until we've seen what the medicine can do. I really hate to put him down just because he can't see, but quality of life is really the issue. If he seems happy and adjusts to losing his vision that would be great! This afternoon I was so tired I just grabbed a blanket and crashed on the living room floor with all the dogs, he snuggled right up and put his nose on my neck and fell asleep - totally un-Toby-like! He seems much more mellow to me, and he had a good time playing with Steve tonight. Obviously he can't chase after toys we throw anymore, but he can still grab onto a favorite toy and try to rip your arm out of the socket! lol!

I bit the bullet today and started seeing someone to work on my anxiety issues. I hope this turns out to be a good thing. I tend to stop going when things start getting uncomfortable, I'm not going to let myself do that this time. No, seriously...

One more cold day and then we're supposed to have some warmer weather. It's going to get up to the mid-30s! I'll be able to open windows and air out the house! I know my brother just grabbed his mittens and hat when he heard that, be believe me, it will feel warm after this past week! No more below zero temps for awhile!

Miss and I are taking dad to see an ortho surgeon tomorrow to see about his knee. I know the cold weather has really been bothering him too. I hope we can find out what's up and maybe fix it. I think his other doc was thinking it was a posterior cruciate tear, nothing showed up on x-rays, so I think he'll probably have to have an MRI, but cruciate tears are fixable. I know if he would just get it done he'd feel a lot better. I wonder if he's claustrophobic? Heh...



SoupDiva said...

costco............ radiant heater about 60 bucks, looks like a cheesy summer retro fan from the 70's, but we bought one for my parents who are elderly, can't ever seem to feel warm and can't afford a heating bill. This was the answer, and they loved it the second they turned it on. they have been warm all winter. you can even order them online if you don't have a costco near you. i promise, you'll love it. they really are fantastic

Marc said...

try moving to a warmer climate! ROFLMAO!!

(just kidding)

Mindi said...

Soup Diva - As a matter of fact we finally do have a Costco here, may have to take a trip there this weekend.

Marc - Oh, har har! Believe me, Arizona (not Phoenix though) is lookin' better with every passing day. Sheesh.