Monday, January 21, 2008


The preliminary results are in for Toby, and they aren't good. We took him to our regular vet yesterday and his eyes are looking definitely abnormal. Unfortunately, it's beyond the scope of our regular vet, so we have to take him to a veterinary ophthalmologist to see what she says. I'm not feel very hopeful at this point. Even if it's something that can surgically corrected, the cost may be prohibitive. It's not that I won't spend money on my dogs (obviously), but you have to draw a line when you have 6, and he already has health issues. So, if we have any prayer warriors out there for animals, Toby could you use help. I called the eye vet today, and we can't get in until next Monday. It doesn't appear to be an infection, so we did rule that out. I have no idea how anything could have happened that would cause blindness, so I'm looking for some answers as well as some ideas of what we could do to help him, if anything.

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Marc said...

my best advice is that you love him, enjoy each day with him as the gift that it is and when you take him to the vet, listen to the vet with your ears as much as with your heart.