Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Crazy, just crazy

The weather last night was nuts! I can't believe Wisconsin and Missouri had tornadoes in January! That's just plain bizarre! I heard there were 2 people dead in Missouri. I didn't say anything rude either.

Then I read in this morning's paper about a guy in Sioux City, Iowa, (which explains a lot) who killed his 2 stepdaughters when a "spell" he cast went bad. Too bad it didn't go bad enough to kill him too, I'm thinking. What the heck is going on? I tell you, there's meth in the water up there - seepage into the ground water from all the meth labs. I'm sure of it.

In a more sane direction... Our Police Chief is retiring. I think he's been the best thing to happen in Omaha for a long time. He was the first black Police Chief we had an he did a terrific job! I used to work for Chief Warren (back then we called him Tommy, actually) , when I worked for Internal Affairs and he was the lieutenant in charge of Backgrounds. He scared the heck out of me at first, but he does have a wonderful, albeit dry, sense of humor. He's one of the most fair minded individuals I know too, which I think really helped with the racial situation in Omaha. I used to work for the interim chief too. I've known him for over over 18 years, as a matter of fact, I was working for him when he was a contestant on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? And just for the record, he never even bought me lunch afterward! LOL! Although he did have a huge party at his house the night the show aired.

I was hoping to get to go to Minneapolis next Monday along with one or both of my sisters, to see our brother, but it doesn't look like luck is with me for that day. Steve came home for lunch today and told me has has to go to Arkansas for the whole week next week and that would leave no one home to tend the dogs on Monday into Tuesday. Oh well, maybe the weather will be nicer another time he has to go. In retrospect though, who has the worst luck? Me, who can't go to Minneapolis, or Steve who has to spend a week in Russellville, Arkansas? I'm thinkin' it's Steve. LOL! Later!

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Meg: said...

We had tornadoes here in Illinois, too.