Sunday, November 11, 2007


wwFirst of all - Happy Birthday Pam!

Second, what the heck happened to November? Check it out Baby Brother - on your blog right now the temperature is 63 in San Diego and it's 69 in Omaha. The sun just broke through the clouds, so maybe we'll hit 70. Yeah, on November 11, who could believe that? Mom and I went to the dinner they have in conjunction with the monthly meeting at the Vasa Lodge today. I wore my Thanksgiving sweatshirt since it was a Thanksgiving dinner, and I roasted my butt off! It was too hot for a sweatshirt, that's for sure. I came home and opened up the windows, probably for the last time this year since it's supposed to be colder and rainy tomorrow.

I have had some stupid bug for the past couple of days. I finally feel better today. I'm not sure if it was the Lipitor or what, but I've felt pretty crummy. I didn't even go our to breakfast or to the craft show yesterday with mom and Sue. Mel and Meg had some running around to do for a benefit they're going to today, they had to make a basket to raffle off, but when they were done they came over and Meg got her stuff out of the garage and we went over to her apartment for a bit. Afterwards, Meg came home with me and we played some Super Scrabble - I love Scrabble! Mom brought over a Christmas movie, I can't remember the name of it, but Matthew Broderick and Danny Devito were in it. It was okay and kind of got me in the mood for the holidays. By the time the movie was over and I checked my e-mail I was feeling kind of achy again, so I downed some hydrocodone, an Ambien, and hit the sack. I hadn't slept more than 2-3 hours for the past 2 nights, so it was long before I was out! Well, as out as I could be with 3 dogs in bed with me - Meghan had the other 2! Ruger was so glad to have her here for the night. He used to sleep with her all time time and he misses her so much when she's gone. I think it's worse for him when she comes to visit, but doesn't stay the night, he's in seventh heaven when he can curl up with her to go to bed!

Mom is coming back over tonight and we're going to watch Bridge to Terabithia. Meg said the book was good, but she hasn't seen the movie either. Maybe she'll make it back to join us. In any case, we have that and Surf's Up, so tonight is pretty much going to keep me busy.

Steve should be home tomorrow night He called last night and said he's never seen so many deer. I heard that there's a definite overpopulation of deer this year, which still doesn't give him permission to bring any home! He said nobody shot one yesterday, this year they're all looking for "the big one". Whatever. I have to go to the hospital tomorrow to have my TB test, so I can go back up on Thursday and have them read it before I go to Ohio on Friday! Yay!

I'm quite excited about going to see Dorothy. I've never been to Ohio either. It'll just be a long weekend, but it will be nice to get away. Provided I feel better.

Well, I want to get some work cranked out this afternoon so I can get off early tomorrow night. Ta ta!

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