Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Catch up

My brother sent me a gentle reminder that I was behind on my blogging, so here I am!

Well, the Ambien experiment failed. Two nights without sleep and I called it quits. I'm weak, what can I say? Maybe when I'm off work for vacation or something, but not when I have to work.

Mel was in San Diego with Marc this weekend for the AIDS walk. I'm glad she's back home. I'm sure she and Marc had a good time, but I missed her! Marc said that between the two of them they raised over $2500! Great job! Marc has been gone so long that this weekend gave them a chance to get some brother-sister time in and I'm glad they did. Mel was tired and the kids were glad to see her back home. I'm happy for her, that she had the opportunity to get away, even if it was just for a weekend.

Saturday our Omaha Flickr group had a walk at Forest Lawn Cemetery. There were 7 of us that showed up. My friend from Cindy became a Flickrite this weekend and went with us. I was fun - if you can call taking pictures at the cemetery fun-and I can! We spent a couple of hours there. Everyone took some great pictures. I'm still pretty green at photography and I'd really like to get PhotoShop to do some fancy editing, but that will have to wait until I get my new computer. This dinosaur couldn't handle it, I don't think. I get impatient enough waiting for pictures to download because I don't even have a high-speed port. I get paid this weekend, I may have to go out looking. If you want to check out everyone's pictures check here. (I hope the link works.)

This was my weekend to work, so the rest of Saturday and then Sunday I did just that. We had a meeting last week and I'm working about job security at this point. We're not going to do the rehab notes anymore after January (we lost ER notes several years ago) they're also going to the automated report. They also just built a new outpatient surgery center in town, so that undoubtedly will take some of our work away from us. I can't figure out how the hospital owns 45% of the surgery center, the VP that is over transcription sits on their board, yet they send their transcription out somewhere else. Whatever. But, if our works slows down enough that there's not enough work, who gets the boot is a little concerning since I was the last hired. This frustrates me since the person I "work" with at night doesn't ever work a full shift and is constantly gone, late, etc., but I was the last hired, so probably the first fired. As a matter of fact, last night she was supposed to work her regular shift again after working 4 hours for 2 weeks because she recently had surgery. Her normal hours are 8 p.m. to 4:30 a.m. She didn't log in until after 1 a.m. and between 1 and whenever she quit (about 4:00) she only typed 4 reports. I typed 7 between midnight and 2:30. When I logged off at 2:15 the same five jobs were in her queue that had been there at 1:00. Oh well. We brought up in our meeting last week what pain she is, but we doubt anything will be done about it. It's nauseating to hear her talk about how conscientious she is with her work and we're leaving all the bad dictation for her. gag. Oh well, I guess I just have to roll with it and hope for the best.

Today Missy was sick, so I got to babysit Ryan. We had so much fun. I forgot how much fun babies could be. Oops, brother is on the phone, back later!

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Marc said...

See!! It isn't easy posting every day!! I am still not sure how I do it.