Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Monday again?

My weekend went so fast! I wait and wait for 3-day weekend and then they just fly by! Friday I was planning on going out and running some errands after DH went back to work, but he got all his stuff done early and came home at lunchtime for the rest of the day. So much for my running errands and window shopping and doing whatever I felt like doing. I had actually planned to go to Blair after I paid my Verizon bill and did a little shopping, but he was late coming home for lunch and by that time it would be too late to go to Blair. I had a request from someone in Washington for some obituaries and cemetery pictures that I wanted to get done, but the library alone was going to take some time and I wasn't sure where the cemetery was. (Why do I never think of Map Quest until I'm already halfway to my destination and realize I have no idea where my destination is?) Anyway, I had company running my errands in town. Woo hoo.

Saturday, Steve's friend, Tom, came up from Beatrice. He's the one that had to cut his moose hunting trip short because he got pancreatitis. He's still not feeling well and has to be on a low-fat diet, so Steve was planning on taking him over to the Conagra company store and loading up on Healthy Choice garbage, oh, I mean frozen dinners. Yes, yes, I know all about biting the hand that feeds you... At least Tom can't drink so I knew they wouldn't be spending the entire afternoon at Beertopia. I took the opportunity to make my escape and go to Blair. I never did get to the library for the obits, but I took 290 pictures at the cemetery! It was a good thing I took so many though, I got an e-mail from Dan in Washington and he had given me the wrong name and I couldn't find one of the graves he wanted. He e-mailed me later and I had the picture among the ones I had taken. I love when that happens! It rarely does, though.

When I got home Steve and Tom were gone to Home Depot to get some plumbing materials for the sink in the basement. It got totally fixed! And it works! Amazing! I'm speechless with the wonder of it all... I worked on photos and genealogy for the rest of Saturday.

Sunday we made a trip to Nebraska City. It's September and there's no where else to go on a weekend in September in Nebraska than to Nebraska City. We went to a couple of the orchards there and I bought Meghan a Christmas present when we finally made it into town. Yes, I know it was Sunday... Do you think it counts that we listened to the MoTab all the way down there and back?

We also made a stop at the Pendleton store in Nebraska City. I love shopping there, they had a ton of stuff on sale, but I was strong and didn't get anything! Steve wants a new wool blanket in the worst way (get it? lol). We did get one last week, but he's obsessed with Pendleton and, (um, oh heck, I can't remember the name of the other company) blankets. They are nice, but really... I don't think you have to shell out $200 for a freaking blanket! I didn't like any of them anyway, so that was that!

Today I had a doctor's appointment, which turned into 2 appointments, and by the time I got home it was time to get to work. Bah, what a waste of a morning. I've decided I need to wean myself off my Ambien. Seriously. Meg spent the night here last night and I heard her come into our room at some unholy hour of the night and she told Steve she had heard a huge loud noise in the house somewhere and she was scared. (Does this story sound familiar?) He told me later the dogs had been barking and that's why he was even awake. He was yelling (!?) at them to shut up and Meg must have heard him, so she came in to tell him she had heard a noise. I vaguely remember that, but absolutely nothing else. I didn't even hear the dogs bark. That's not easy, believe me. Steve didn't find anything amiss, no exploded beer bottles, or anything close. I think Meg must have spent the night, since Steve said that happened after 2. This morning when he got up he found my little basket that attached to the shower wall with BIG suction cups had fallen. That's probably what she heard... Anyway, I thought it's really not good that I could sleep through all that noise. The house could burn down around me and I wouldn't even hear the smoke alarms. Ambien has to go. I was reading tonight that it takes about 3 nights to wean yourself from it. Great, I don't need to sleep for the next 3 nights... Keep your fingers crossed for me. Actually, I'm feeling kind of sleepy now, which is a good thing, right? I'm going to try and get some shut eye.

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