Friday, August 3, 2007

Family - Past, present, and future

I've been catching up on some of the genealogy that I had so dreadfully neglected. I just had so much stuff to do that I felt like I was getting nothing done! I got about 3 more pages of names entered into FAG tonight and I've gotten about 60 names entered into the Nebraska Graves Project. Now I feel like I've accomplished something at least, even if I'm far from done.

Steve went to Whole Foods Market tonight and brought back some Diana's Bananas - for those of you who aren't familiar with Diana's Bananas - they're the most tasty bananas ever, dipped in chocolate and then frozen on a stick. I love the dark chocolate ones, but you can get milk chocolate and then they're rolled in nuts. Yummy, yummy, yummy! Ol' Steve scored some points tonight! LOL

Tony leaves for Cuba tomorrow night. I can't go to the airport. I'd be a blubbering mess. It's hard to say goodbye and know that in the next year he'll only be home one time. Heck I even cried when I'd put my kids on the plane to Phoenix to go visit my dad for 2 weeks. Can't do it. Besides, I have to work. That's a good excuse, right. I'm gonna miss that stinker though. I hope he manages to stay safe.

Miss got an email from mom this week, after she sent her one first ragging on her about not even sending Tony and Candace a card or anything when Ryan was born or for Tony and Candace's marriage. My mom is like that. I haven't gotten a birthday card for years - and the last Christmas present I got was a picture of her and her husband. Well, it has a nice frame! LOL. She totally avoids Matt like the plague too. She hasn't had anything to do with him since he was in grade school. Although she talks to AJ every week and Amber occasionally. I can remember her saying, "I hope if I play favorites with my grandkids like mom (my dad's mom) does, I hope somebody kicks me square in the ass." Bend over mama! Hahaha! She's so much worse than grandma it's unbelievable. She ran into Matt and his dad at a Village Inn one weekend and asked Matt how long he'd worn glasses - uh 5 years! Guess she's going to miss out on that grandmother of the year award too! lol. She told Missy to tell Tony to take care and be safe while he was gone. Missy told her to tell him herself, and then gave her Tony's cell number. I'll be damned, but she called. Tony wasn't too thrilled. He's heard the old "I have a card for your birthday, I just need a stamp to mail it" for the last 11 years. He didn't have too m much to say to her. Can't say as I blame him.

There was something in the paper today about daughter with aging parents who had basically treated her and her family like dirt while they were younger, but now they expect her to help them out in their old age. The columnist said she probably should bury the hatchet and help them be comfortable in their elderly years. BS - Let them fend for themselves, just like they let their kids fend for themselves in their younger days. I wouldn't do anything for my mom. No matter what I do for that woman it's never right anyway, I'm just saving us both the aggravation. Besides she likes her husband's kids better anyway. Not that the affection is reciprocated, no matter what she thinks.

Oh well, so we send Tony off to Cuba. I'm crying just thinking about it. Love ya, Toner!


cbg said...

"No matter what I do for that woman it's never right anyway..."

Amen, sista. Yesterday I borrowed my mother's car while I was getting my oil changed. I drove maybe a total of 6 miles and decided to fill it up because the gas light came on and I knew she'd be driving to work later and wouldn't want to be bothered with doing filling up. Besides, she can't be bothered to fill up anyway... she sends my father out to do it.

Anyhoo, the pump clicked off just under 10 gallons. I dutifully filled out the book she keeps in the glove box to keep track of mileage and reset the odometer. Only after I got going did I notice that the needle didn't go all the way to F. The pump must have shut off just shy of filling up.

When I brought the car back I said I filled it up and about the pump shutting off just shy of full. I didn't even get a thanks, I got an eye roll. Is it any wonder I borrowed her car because I was going to see my therapist?!

Mindi said...

Sounds like we have the same mother! I'd laugh, but I know it's not funny!

Anonymous said...

Min, Just wanted to let you know that Tony e-mailed me. He is in Cuba, very homesick and very tired! He has talked to Candace twice already today. There is a phone # to reach him @ 011-5399 and when prompted 78257. I didn't make it to the airport so that was a disappointment for both of us. These headaches are going to be the death of me I tell ya. He asked that we not ask him anything about his job because he's not supposed to talk about it at all! So just to let you know. Love, Miss