Monday, August 6, 2007

Catching up

We had the most marvelous thunderstorm today - lot of lightning, thunder, and tons of rain - and guess where I wasn't? Home. Meg and I were at Wal-Mart shopping and there was no way I was going to hurry to get out in the mess. I had to laugh though, there was a huge flash of lightning followed by a tremendous boom and it must have scared somebody besides me because from the front of the store you could hear someone scream. Hilarious! You know the lightning was bright when it overpowered the lights at Wally World! Ha ha!

I went to the doctor over a week ago because I thought I had a sinus infection. I took 10 days of an antibiotic and today I woke up feeling worse than ever. My neck is so sore I can't move my head. With my stupid luck I probably have West Nile or something. Back to the stupid doctor tomorrow if I'm not feeling better. One of the other transcriptionists is off this week because she had gallbladder surgery today, so I really don't want to be sick. Not to mention the fact I don't want to feel this way either!

We had another cookout (we have a lot of those, don't we?) at my dad's this weekend. Dad and Pam have been married 15 or 16 years - I never did get that straight, and Missy turned 46 this year the same day. Seemed like a good idea to celebrate! It was so darn hot yesterday, and the humidity was awful. The minute you walked outside your clothes felt damp, you didn't even have to move to work up a sweat. It was ugly. The temperature went down with the storm this morning, but by about 3:30 the heat index was back up to over 100 degrees. The dew point was 75 this afternoon. No reason for that. None at all. Ick. (But I'm sitting here in a sweatshirt because I have the chills... Go figure.)

I think Toby and I are becoming friends. He's never really cared too much for me. I really think a dog bonds with the first person who holds them, at least when you're doing an adoption type thing. I was the only one home when Ben and Jojo arrived and they really cling to me. Steve held Toby first at the shelter when we got him (even though he sat in my lap all the way from Des Moines to Omaha), so he's been Steve's dog. I mean to the point that he doesn't want me to change his belly band, and he growls at me when I pet him. He's never bitten me - well, except for that time I was giving him a bite of cheese, but I know that was an "accident" heh... As soon as Steve comes home, I cease to exist for Toby. The past few days though he's really become more tolerant of me. This afternoon I laid down on the floor for a bit and he came right up with the other dogs to curl up next to me. That's never happened before. Made me feel pretty good actually!

I got some great vinyl letters from this place called that I used to decorate my hallway. I'd take pictures, but I need a wide angle lens. I have some more to put in our bedroom if and when the painting ever gets done in there, I'll take pictures then. I love the website though, you can order any saying in a bunch of different fonts, colors, shapes, and shadows, and I thought their prices were very reasonable. Do you think it would be overkill to use in every room of the house? Just kidding...

Okay, that's it. My head is killing me. Later.

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SoupDiva said...

HI! I read your blog often. I rarely comment though. But thought I would say hello today!