Friday, July 27, 2007

This guy needs to be horsewhipped - and then prison

Or maybe vice versa. What an asshat.

OMAHA, Neb. -- Pictures of 11-month-old Aiden are startling, even to investigators. The young boy has a swollen forehead and black and blue circles surrounding his eyes. It's the aftermath of multiple skull fractures.
La Vista police said the injuries were caused by Keith Parker, 28, the live-in boyfriend of Aiden's mother. He was arrested Monday morning on felony child abuse charges. Parker made his first court appearance Thursday, where his bond was set at $250,000.
The boy's mother gave KETV Newswatch 7 permission to use pictures of the injured child. She said the injury didn't appear serious at first and she believed Parker when he told her Aiden bumped his head falling off the couch a week ago. She said three days later, when the bruising deepened, she took the baby to a hospital.
"We have what's called raccoon eyes," said Lt. Kevin Pokorny, who investigates child abuse cases for the La Vista Police Department.
Pokorny said bruises covering the eyes are a telltale sign of abuse.
"That right away tells you this is a severe case and that's what the hospital noticed the moment they walked in," Pokorny said.
Doctors told police the boy will be OK and also said his injuries were not caused by a fall from the couch. Police said there's evidence that Parker was trying to prevent his girlfriend from taking the baby out of the house.
"The boyfriend, from our investigation, was trying to avoid public places, going to the hospital, going to the doctor's office," said Pokorny.
Investigators said Parker was the only adult home when the baby was injured.
It's a case that touched investigators personally.
"You're seeing what's happened to these children, and you're thinking back to your own children and going, how can a person do this to a child?" Pokorny said.
The child was out of the hospital and in emergency protective custody Thursday night. His 19-year-old mother and grandmother are able to visit with the child. A hearing will be held on Monday to determine who will care for the child in the future.

Oh, and the little boy...

I'd like to kill this guy with my bare hands, I really would. This is why I couldn't ever work in Child Victim Unit at the police station.


Anonymous said...

Get this, Garry knows the grandfather of the little boy and he's an ex-con that did some time in prison who also has a daughter that is attracted to darker colored men and one of her younger kids drowned in her dads pool a couple of years ago. Her dad owns a small towing business. But this is his son. LOSER!!!!!!!! Everytime I see that little guys face it makes my heart hurt. :(

Meg said...

Sometimes I really, REALLY hate people.