Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Life in a bubble

That's what I feel like I've been living lately. It's so stinking hot and humid, I'm wilted. My foot isn't healing as fast as I thought it would and I'm tired of walking around on the side of my right foot. I probably should be wearing the surgical boot more, but I hate those things. I got my fill of those when I broke my leg and had to wear it for almost 4 months straight. Ugh. It's amazing how much you use your feet! For instance, try to get up without from your knees without putting a foot down. I'm "right-footed" so it was always my right foot I put down to push up with to stand. I'm not going to be doing that for awhile! Ouch.

Looks like things are falling into place for dad's birthday party. Mel got the invitations out and I went to Mangelson's (the one of a kind, kind of everything store) today and got some decorations and molds to make the mints. The Miss, Mel, and Amber are coming over on Saturday so we can get those done. I tried to find something that reminded me of dad when I was looking for molds, so I found a police badge, a motorcycle, a football (Go Big Red!) and a plain round mold with a "75" on top. I think that pretty much covers it. I was thinking maybe the badge was really too big for a mint and thought I might try making chocolate badges. then I thought about melting chocolate, pouring it into the mold, letting it set, unmolding and starting all over, and then thought better of it. Maybe if I had bought more than 1 mold of each, but I didn't, so forget the chocolate. I got some cake decorations, napkins, plates, etc. I hope he's surprised. Mel forgot to put on the invitation that it was a surprise, so hopefully in the next 2 weeks none of the hundred people we invited will let him in on it. Yeah, right. Oh well, I'm sure he'll have fun either way.

Tony and Candace got married today. At least I think they did. Last I heard they were getting married at 4 o'clock at the courthouse, but I haven't heard anything either way. They decided to get married by a judge and then have a big wedding next year when he gets home from Cuba. I could think of about a million ways they could use the money, other than on a big wedding, but hey, anything for a party, right? I think Candace got an apartment not to far from her parents, so she and le bebe will be out on their own while Tony is gone. It makes me kind of sad to think of all the things he's going to miss while he's gone.

I guess that's about it. Not much to say when you don't go out of the house for a week!

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