Thursday, July 5, 2007

Genealogy high

I decided to do some scanning of old photos out of my grandparents' photo albums today and I found my great-grandmother's obituary in the book. I'm such a dolt - it certainly wasn't hidden and I've probably read it a hundred times in my life but for some reason today I realized that her father's name was listed in it! Well duh... I hadn't known what it was before because that particular switch had never kicked in, but once I realized what it was I checked and hit pay dirt. I found his information and I also found information on his father and his mother's family dating back to 1602 in the Netherlands. Granted, I still have to verify the information, but at long last I found information on Great-grandma Erikson! Not only that, I found out that her father died when she was 6 and her mother remarried a man named Jesse Calame. In my grandfather's books there were several pictures labeled "Great-grandma Calame" and I couldn't ever figure out where the heck this person came from because I had never seen that name before in our family history. Ta da!

Of course when you find one answer when doing genealogy, you find 10 more questions, which was the case here, so now I have some family sleuthing to do, which I love!

Here's a picture of Great grandma and Great grandpa Erikson, probably from around the 1940s.


Larry Lehmer said...

Keep sleuthing! You can find some tips on my saving family histories on my blog at Good luck!

East of Eden said...

I love that photo!