Friday, June 15, 2007

Shoot first, ask questions later

Our neighbor behind us just told Steve they got broken into Monday night. While they were home and sleeping. About 2 a.m. he heard a loud noise in their kitchen area and then a light came on. He yelled out, thinking it was one of his kids, but hen he heard someone running. Turns out they kicked the back door in. They got a PlayStation, his wallet, and his wedding ring. (The wallet and wedding ring were on the kitchen table, I thought all guys emptied their pockets and put stuff on their dresser? What do I know, I've only been married twice.) Anyway, this is kind of scary news. Last year the house next door to the east of us was broken into twice, but they were in the process of moving and no one was home. I thought their story was kind of fishy at the time because they said they had their birth certificates stolen. Why would you leave something like your birth certificate in a house you had moved out of? Anyway.

Early last summer the house across the street and behind us got burglarized. They were on vacation when it happened. What's really odd about that one was they have this huge brick mailbox and one morning the mailbox was a pile of rubble all over the street, somebody had hit it during the night (We didn't hear a thing!) One of the other neighbors who knew they were on vacation called their son to come over and when he got to the house he found the screens had been cut and some stuff stolen out of the house, so he calls the police. Well, turns out the people who broke in were the people who hit the mailbox and when they hit it, they got high-centered over the brick base, so they called a tow truck to get them out! Somehow or other the tow company found out about the break in, so they called the police, so the burglars ended up getting arrested.

That makes 4 burglaries in about a year to 3 houses surrounding ours. I'm glad we have an alarm... and 6 dachshunds... and a loaded .357 in the nightstand.

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