Thursday, June 14, 2007

Bah humbug!

Our stupid computer for home quit working again. I don't know what's the matter with it. We have it on a wireless router because my work computer has to be hardwired. Day before yesterday it worked. Yesterday it didn't. My brother (the computer guru! lol) suggested I change IP addresses, which I did, but no go. Darn thing. The wonky thing is, I can get into our Cox e-mail and I can get into the iTunes store, so it's got to be a firewall or something, but why would it work one day and not the next? Ugh.

I had my meeting in HR yesterday with our boss and that other transcriptionist. Yes, I'm trying to be nice. Tami, our manager, just set out some new guidlines, so when you want to be nice to somebody they'll definitely understand kindness and not go postal on you. Which I think is rather ridiculous for women over 40, but sometimes you can't expect people to be able to figure out the simple things by themselves. I also had my 6-month review, which was actually due to April, but the paperwork didn't come down until now. The review was very good, I'm pleased with that. I have to get my line count back up where it was when I worked all night by myself in the peace and quiet, i.e., no dogs, husband, or children to distract me. I like taking the occasional break, but apparently I like it too much. Gotta get that nose back on the grindstone!

Speaking of which... Steve went to the Borders (why buy a magazine when you can read it for free?) and I told him I'd be done working by the time he got home, so I better get at it.

If anyone has any ideas about the darn computer, drop me an e-mail. I've tried resetting the firewall and have hit a brick wall. Ha ha...


SoupDiva said...

Hi there!
My husband is also a computer wiz and I asked him about your dilemma. He said to push the button on the back of the router and reset to factory settings. Also to password protect the router so that it cannot be hacked into. Hope you get the problem fixed I know how frustrating it can be!

Mindi said...

Thank you Soupdiva! My husband finally got it to work by messing with the firewall. I'll keep this in mind, though.