Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Our Flowers

Steve's gargoyle that he got for his birthday. He said he wanted a gargoyle, I got him a gargoyle. Those things are stupidly expensive though. He got a little one!

Our yard has way too much shade - we have like 20 trees in the yard and that makes for a lot of shade. Flowers don't do too well, partly because of shade and partly because I have a notorious brown thumb. This year, though, Meg planted a lot of flowers and they look pretty good. I have to share.
This is under the cedar tree by the street. Don't they look nice? The only flowers that really didn't make it were the Gerber daisies that Meg planted on the west side of the house. They're still there, but looking pretty sad. :-(

These roses were here when we moved in. We lost one plant this year, which Meg replaced. Steve just mulched them, so that looks like crap, but the flowers are beautiful!

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