Thursday, June 7, 2007

Nicknames and other funny creatures

I think nicknames are odd. Take for instance my name. How do you figure they got Mindi our of Melinda? Makes no sense to me. You would think I would be a Mel, or Lin, or, God forbid, Linda. But no, I'm a Mindi. Melissa is Missy, Melanie is Mel (which is probably why I'm not Mel, they were saving it for her). Marc... Well, he's another funny one. He's Buzzer. Which came about because Missy couldn't say she had a new brother, she said she had a new buzzer. So it stuck. He's been Buzz or Buzzer in the family since then. Well, I guess he's kind of outgrown it, but that's how I still think of him.

Then there's my dog Toby. His nickname is Toaster. What? How did I ever get Toaster out of Toby? Has he ever toasted me? Not that I'm aware of. He's never even made me breakfast in bed. He came to us as Toby, and I started calling him Tobster, which reminded me of Toaster, and there you have it. He's Toaster. He even comes to me when I call him that. Silly Dog.

My dog, Jojo, has even kind of evolved to Joey part of the time. His real name is Johan, the shelter was calling him Yoyo, which I thought wasn't very dignified for the old guy. I called him Jo or Jojo, and it's shortened itself to Joey on occasion.

You would think I couldn't possibly give Ben a nickname, wouldn't you? You'd be wrong. I actually call him Benny Hana for some sort of oriental food I think I heard of once. He's so funny.

Ruger is Ruger, Heidi is Heidi Ho, and Buttercup is either Princess or Buttercup. I'd shorten it to B'Cup, but I don't want people to think I'm yelling for my bra out the back door...

Oh, and dare I forget my neice, Sarah, who is known far and wide as G-skillet or Gina. Meg was Miss Magoo when she was younger and Matt was Baldy Bugs, which really was quite apt considering he had no hair until he was 2. What about it? Any funny nickanames in your family?

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Marc said...

Just for the record, at the ripe old age of 43, I still answer to Buzz. I even went so far as to put "4 BUZZ" on my license plate in Arizona but it got too much attention from the Phoenix Police. Hmmm, wonder why? I am still trying to figure out where the hell Mel went from Sarah to Gina but I guess that is another blog entry in and of itself!