Saturday, May 19, 2007

Five Questions

My friend Cherry Blossom Girl sent me these questions a while ago, but my home computer wasn't working and I didn't get the e-mail. Thanks for being so patient CBG!

1) If you were independently wealthy, healthy, and single, what would sorts of things you occupy your time with? Dog rescue, without a doubt. I'd love to have an acreage and the money to take care of as many dogs as possible - maybe have a no kill sanctuary. That would really be my dream. Remember - Please don't litter, fix your critter!

2) What have you learned about yourself as a result of being married that you would have never learned being single? Patience. Although I have to admit, I have a lot more to learn. I've also learned that you can stifle the urge to throttle the living daylights out of someone who never does what you ask, when you ask.

3) Which LDS general authority has had the biggest influence on you and why? I think every general authority has some special knowledge to impart. I loved a talk given by Henry B. Eyering on the importance of temple work and genealogy given at a general conference several years ago. That really gave me the boost I needed at the time to get some work done. I got a lot more family information from Steve's mom and for my own family since then. I also love to read the talks by Pres. Spencer W. Kimball. I saw him speak in person twice, once in Salt Lake at a general conference, and once in St. Louis at an area conference. I can't remember a thing he said, but I just knew I was in the presence of a prophet of God.

4) What personality trait of yours do you think others would identify as your best? Would you agree and if not, which would say is your best? Ha! My sarcasm? They'd be right. My propensity to tell you what I think whether you want to hear it or not? Right again. I don't think I'm a shy person or one who hides behind anyone or anything, so I'm pretty sure that's what people would say first. I'd have to agree. I'm pretty much a tell it as it is person. I think my punctuality is a good trait, I try not to be late. That's a big thing for my family, believe me! I think my best trait is my sense of humor, that is, when it's not out of control!

5) Is there someone who's passed away you wish you could talk to again? If so, who and what would you talk about? I'd love to talk with my grandfather who passed away when I was 6. Since he passed away when I was so young, I feel as though I never really got to know him as a person, only as a "grandpa". I'd love to have the opportunity to hear about his younger years and what he did when he was growing up. I'd love to tell him about the impact he has had on my life, even though I didn't have him very long.

Th-th-th-that's it folks?

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