Tuesday, September 2, 2014

No Labor Day

We went grading today. I love cemeteries, as a rule. I needed some photos from Columbus, St. Edward, and one from Genoa. At one point, we were only 8 miles from Genoa, we should have gone there too. We went to St. Edward first, and I'm so glad we did!

When we got there, Steve took 3 names, and I took 3 names, and we started walking the rows. The maintenance man was there working, so when he saw us, he came to our rescue. He knew where everyone was buried. If he couldn't take you to the exact grave he wasn't more than a couple graves off. He was most awesome - but, we didn't get his name!

The cemetery was beautiful! He had mowed half of the cemetery, and was going around each grave with a weed whacked when we left. Like I said, he was great!  We got to talking about directories (or lack thereof) in small (ish) cemeteries. He says he has an alphabetized list of everyone buried there, but you don't know how to find the grave, even with a name because there's no map. If St. Edward wasn't so far away, I'd love to help him put a directory together. I'm sure we could figure out how to do it.

After we were done there, we were going to go back to Columbus, but since Newman Grove was so close, we stopped by to see grandpa Anderson's  place. It could really, really use a paint job, it was looking pretty rough. They unit a gigantic (for such a small town) church in the big empty lot across the street from the house. Less than 800 people live in that town, ND I bet the place easily holds 1,000 people. I think it would be so awesome to live in a small town like that. Heaven knows where the closest church is, though.

We stopped by the Hope Cemetery in Newman Grove to look for Arvin and Mable Newman (Grandpa Anderson's sister and her husband). No luck, again, no directory or map.

By time we got down to Columbus, it was nearly 5, and we needed to get home to feed the dogs. They get quite testy if dinner isn't on the table at 5!!!! Another day for that!!!

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