Sunday, January 15, 2012


Tomorrow is MLK day, which in our house, is Meghan Leigh Kurtz day... I'm kidnapping her tomorrow since she has no school. Mel and I have some experience (2 each) so maybe we do know a little bit about wedding preparation! I'd like to get her down to Cornhusker Beverage and look at their invitations. She found some that she kind of liked. I'd like to get a couple ideas of things she likes so we can get some kind of idea about how much they're going to cost. Mel and I are paying for them and we need to work on Shower invites and stuff. I think we can get those done, doesn't matter what time the wedding is or where it is, in order for us to get the shower stuff ready! And I want to see if we can get her to take a look at the Omaha Police Union for the wedding and the shower. It may already be booked, but I think it would be great to have an option to a daytime outside wedding. We'll need to see. We saw Dale and Mel again when we took her CD case and floorlamp over to her house. I think Dale is a very good guy for her. More down to earth and someone who has boundaries for his son, Sam. That might do Mel a lot and give her something to think about. And, he's a christian, which I think is a FINE idea. Wish us luck tomorrow. Also, Please pray for Melissa. She's very very sick, Tony is worried and Lucy showed her concern by eating the seat to Melissa's scooter... Just what you need in a crisis, right? Love you all friends!

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