Monday, September 12, 2011

Hailey Turned TWO

Hapiley had a wonderful birthday - she's quite the little social butterfly! Matt said he probably didn't hold her for more than a half hour total all day, but she sure went around the entire part and visited with everybody! Magann's sister did face painting and Hailey had a blue and yellow butterfly on her face - she was so cute! She got a lot of new toys to play with and a bunch of new clothes. One of the cutest outfits was a pair of black jeans and a leather-looking sleeveless vest - very cute and very biker babe! ROFL. We had a lot of fun - Sue V. made all the food, a lot of Italian sausage and hot dogs, lots of fresh fruit and potato salad, and Matt and Magann had gotten her a small cake from Petit's and gotten some specialty cupcakes, so everyone was able to have some cake, everything was great. I made the gift bags for the kids who attended and that was fun, I think they were kind of cute. I put off waiting them too long though, I didn't finish with them until 2:30 and I had to pick mom and Bob up at 3:30 - oops. I got them and we got to the party in plenty of time. Hailey was excited to see me, and was kind of jealous that I wanted to pay any attention to Lexi's new baby girl. I'm her nana and she's not going to let me forget it. Kylie has her own nana and it's sure not me! Nevermind that Kylie and Steven are sharing their Nanny Sue with Hailey! Watching Hails open her presents was fun. She was all for the toys, but had no use for the clothes. As soon as she'd open an outfit she'd toss it on the floor! No matter, sooner or later she's going to be a clothes horse like I was - when I was thin and buying clothes was fun! I can't wait to see her in some of her new clothes, she'll be so darling! Steve V and Sue bought her a winter coat that's going to be really cute. She's growing up so fast though, it just boggles my mind! Hailey spent lots of time running back and forth between me and Steve throughout the evening. It really made Steve's night when, after we left, Hailey fell near the swings and ran right past Matt to get a healing kiss from Papa. I have to think maybe our relationship and his relationship with my kids would have been so much better if we had been able to have kids of our own. He's finally starting to understand why I feel the way I do about my kids. When you have a child around you from the very first and you realize how much they depend on you to nurture and care for them, it makes quite a difference. I sure miss having Hailey here ever day - even every other week, what a blessing that was! In other news - I had my preop physical with Dr. S today, so everything is set for Thursday - except me. I'm always such a chicken before surgery. I'm not looking forward to 5 or 6 weeks in that darn boot again, and not being able to drive, but it will be nice if my ankle doesn't hurt so much and maybe I can walk again. I'd like to lose some of this weight I'm hauling around. I was sure hoping we'd have dad settled somewhere by this time, but apparently that's not the plan God has in mind. Mel changed her mind about moving, I know it was going to be hard for her financially, so it's probably the best thing, but I wish she wasn't so tied down with dad. Miss is worthless. Mel had told her last week that they needed to start swapping who was in charge on the weekends and since Miss had been at Ray's the week before (for 4 days), it was her turn to be home with dad this past weekend. Ha ha ha. She said "okay" like she always does, but took off like a scalded dog Friday night. She put in a cameo appearance on Saturday and then was off again. Mel doesn't want to say anything to her because she's such a royal bitch if you do, but if you don't; then she thinks she can do whatever she wants. I just want dad to be in a safe place - and that means far, far away from Missy. I can't count the number of times I've said "You need to WATCH dad, you can't sleep all day" and her response is always "Okay" and the very next day I can call dad at noon and she's still sleeping. She didn't even learn her lesson after dad sat right next to her and drank antifreeze and it didn't faze her in the least. I think if dad dropped dead in front of her, it wouldn't matter, she's so freaking stupid. I guess all I can do is be grateful that she's not in charge of me - ha ha ha, she can't even take care of herself. I talked to Dr. S today about the low dose naltraxone study for fibro, and about a different way to control pain. I'm not really happy about the Tyelenol in the hydrocodone and it's long term effect on the liver. There's a drug, new to me, called Savella that he wants me to try. I'm hoping something works, this pain is just getting ridiculous. I was in bed most of the day Friday, just overdid it on Thursday. On Saturday, I got up and did some light housework and got the dishes clean, and then I ended back up in bed before I got up to go to dad's. Adam came home from the hospital and we were invited over for awhile. Sunday wasn't too bad, at least I managed to stay up the whole day! After the surgery I'll start the Savella and see how it goes. It came with a 2 week starter pack, by that time I should know how it's going to work and then Dr. S will call in a prescription. I hope it works. I'm so tired of pain, pain, pain... Not to mention the idiots who don't get it. Speaking of which, Jason took Steve out for a beer Thursday after Hailey's party. Isn't that sweet? I'm glad Steve didn't invite him over, that little asshole isn't welcome here - at least not by me. I love the way people in this stupid family want everything to be forgotten and forgiven, but they never feel the need to apologize. Ah well, don't expect much from my family and I'm never disappointed. It was hot today, 90 degrees, but since I know the end of the long hot summer is in sight, I enjoyed the drive to and from Fremont. Just crank up the iPod and cruise on down the hghway, beautiful! I put the first scrape on my car Thursday night and nobody can blame it on medication either... I hadn't taken any pain meds at all since I was busy before I left and then I was going to drive, so I figured I'd take it when I got home... By 8:30 I was feeling pretty rocky and I just wasn't paying close enough attention when I pulled into the garage. I just got some paint smear on the mirror on the passenger side. I'm pretty sure it will buff out, but at least the first scratch is over and done! You kind of hold your breath when driving until the first scratch happens and when it does, you can relax! Yesterday was the most exciting day! The other night Dorothy and I had decided to look for Mollie, who was one of our friends from over 30 years ago. We finally found her and I had sent her a message on FB asking to be friends. She answerd me back and called me Saturday afternoon, so we made plans for her to come over on Sunday. It was so good to see her! You know you're good friends when you can see each other after 30 years and pick up right where you left off. We talked Sunday for 3 hours before she had to go - I'm looking forward to having her be a friend again and part of my life. She's still the sweet person she used to be. Love her! And THAT was my weekend!

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