Sunday, August 28, 2011

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

Even though the weather alarm woke me up this morning with a severe thunderstorm watch until 2 p.m. it was a nice day. We had about 3 claps of LOUD thunder a little rain, and that was it. So nice. It looked like we were really going to get some rain, but it all went east of us. Sorry, Iowa.

Our weather was much better than that on the East Coast, that's for sure, with Hurriane Irene wreaking havoc all over from North Carolina to Maine. I'm glad all we have to content with are tornadoes. Okay, occasionally a blizzard or two. And yes, we are on a huge fault line, but I've only felt one earthquake in my life and that was just a small rumble that was actually centered in Western Nebraska, but hey, no hurricanes! I'm glad that as far as I know, all my friends survived just fine and hopefully no one ends up flooded out or blown away.

I was pretty sore from my journey to the zoo yesterday, but Steve was pretty good about things today. He shampooed the carpet in the bedroom and half my hobby room. Not that it did a lot of good, but it looks better. I think Ben has a mild eye infection or irritation. His right eye has been red and had a lot of goober in it lately. Found some eye ointment tonight and used that, we'll see how it goes. I hope we don't have to take him to the vet, but if we do, then we do. Pets are like kids, you have to keep them healthy.

Speaking of healthy, I think I have an infection where my wisdom tooth came out. It's been swollen ever since the tooth was pulled, but I noticed Friday afternoon it was kind of "squishy" and tonight it leaked some vile stuff, so I have to call Dr. P's office tomorrow morning. Wish me luck on that. I'm kind of freaking out since I had to sign that stupid waiver about bone infection because I've taken Fosamax. I'll feel better once he looks at it.

Mel rented a house and she's moving out on September 9th. I'm so glad for her, but worried about dad since we don't know when he'll be going into Grand Island and he'll be alone with Missy. He might as well be alone for all the good she is. If by some miracle she manages to become vertical before 1 or 2 in the afternoon, she can't cook. Plus, they won't have Mel's income to help with expenses. I wish we could hire someone to come in and be with him during the day at least, but there's no money for that. I've been trying to get him into Sarah Care or some other adult care site ever since he came home from the hospital the last time. Mel and Missy both assured me that he'd be going, but he ha yet to go. I'm not going to mention it again; and I'm not going to go out there every day to watch dad so Missy can sleep. Doesn't matter if she's awake or not, he drank the antifreeze while she sat right next to him. I'm frustrated with her anyway - what else is new? She was supposed to come home last night because Mel had to work her part-time job, but she texted Mel and told her she wasn't coming home because the twins could watch him We've only discussed umpteen times that dad is NOT the responsibility of the twins, he's OUR responsibility because he's OUR dad. Right over her head, just like everything else. Mel told her that she was moving and Missy had the gall to ask Mel if she would take Medusa with her! Of course she said she'd come over every day and let Medusa out. Right - until she had a headache or was with Ray, or Garry, or Brad, or Steve, and then poor Medusa would be lost in the shuffle and forgotten. Just like she forgets about them every weekend. I swear, if I have to listen to her cry about how her dog is her whole life I'm going to vomit. If she had moved last year when I, um, invited her to go, we wouldn't be in this mess because we could have hopefully found someone to take care of dad then and wouldn't have to go through all this now. She's a bigger pain in the ass than dad is, and she doesn't even have dementia! I'm betting she'll move back in with Garry since Ray doesn't like dogs an especially doesn't like Medusa. Or maybe she'll move in with Steve, since he was expecting her to move in when dad had to move anyway... There are times I get frustrated and crabby about some things in my life, but I'm so glad that I don't have pieces of my life scattered over the whole metro area, some stuff here, some stuff there, no bed, no place of my own or even a room to call mine. She lives like a homeless person and thinks it's funny when people say she's a nomad. I don't think it's funny, I think it's sad.

Matt called tonight. They sent a settlement offer to Hailey's "mother", but haven't heard anything back yet. I wish he would just go to court and kick her ass, but I know lawyers. Nobody wants to go to court and work for what's best for Hailey. Even if Matt wanted too his lawyer probably wouldn't. I remember my second attorney when I was trying to get custody of Matt. He was all talk about how we'd get Marty on the stand and prove this and that and the other thing. When it came right down to brass tacks he said he wouldn't go to court because we wouldn't win. Made me madder than hell then, and I'm mad now, that the system is so screwed up that you can't even try to prove a case because everyone already has their mind made up. I really worry about Hailey if her mother has her for the better part of the time. Her boyfriend is such a loser, and I think he's the one who broke Hailey's leg. She's only a baby and obviously her mother is more worried about having a boyfriend than she is about taking care of her child.

Well, going to grab some Ambien and hope it doesn't fail me tonight. Stay tuned for more episodes of My Crazy Life, or, How to Live in a Soap Opera and Still Stay Sane.

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