Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I forgot

Where do I start? I forgot what I did with my debit card, I forgot what I did with my cell phone charger (good thing I have a car charger), and I forgot to mention dad's lawyer visit today.

Still don't know where the first 2 are, but I can mention our visit with Richard. Dad was kind of upset today (see my previous post from today), so I was kind of afraid this wasn't going to be a good meeting. I think Pam had pretty much convinced dad not to pursue the divorce, but in all the time she was married to him she still underestimates us - the power of 3 is greater than the power of 1. Idiot.

The meeting actually went very well, except that it's going to cost us another boatload of money or as Meghan would say, "A shit ton of money". The biggest problem is that there is no discovery information from Pam. Found the copy that was sent to her, but the response was blank (kind of like her little brain). Richard asked Deborah Cunningham the miserable wench of a lawyer to send over the discovery information she had, and all he got was a fax with some stuff she had already sent him, and a memo saying that was all she had because we wanted the file immediately and didn't give her staff time to make the copies, so she gave us the original file, so that was all she had. Oh, she lies! When we asked for copies, she told us (Missy) it would take 2 weeks for her staff to copy the file, so we waited 2 weeks and then when Missy and dad when and got it, they took it directly to Richard's office. Nothing was removed. Another thing I'd like to know is how did she have things to still fax to him if we took the entire original file? I can't wait to file a complaint with the Nebraska Bar against that witch when this whole thing is done. The first thing you need for a divorce is a discovery - what the hell did she do to earn the money dad paid her. Nothing - with a capital "N". Witch. Told me one thing over the phone, told Missy and Mel totally different things, then said she hadn't told any of us any such thing(s). Then she called Missy one day and told her we had 4 hours to decide what to do with the house because Pam wanted her name off of it. Uh, yeah, right. Basically, in 6 months she did absolutely nothing but lie to us and talk with Pam's attorney (supposedly so she could charge us for the billable hours), and accomplished nothing other than to actually file the divorce. Worthless piece of crap.

So, Richard asked us today what we were going to do, go ahead or dismiss the divorce action. Missy told him dad was going ahead with it. Yay! Point for our side, point for our side... BUT... Now Richard has to file a motion with the court to compel Bimbo and her attorney to provide the discovery information she supposedly gave to Deborah, which Deborah said she had, then said she never had, and is blank in the file and her lawyer says she did... What a freaking mess! Basically dad has spent thousands of dollars with this moron Cunningham and Richard has to start again at square one, with the discovery information. He told us the judge may say "we" lost it (ahem...) and in that case we'll have to go ahead without it, but I can't see really how we're losing anything if we don't get it. Richard just wants to make sure if Pam can provide things for dad through her job, such as insurance, that she will be ordered to do so by the court. That would be nice, but I don't even care. I just don't want her to be associated with dad any more. Dad asked Missy to take him over there a couple weeks ago and she wouldn't even come downstairs to talk to him. He asked if he could come up and she said she wasn't going to help him up the stairs. Nice, huh? I wish she'd get struck my lightning or something. I just want her someday to get back a little bit of the crap she's put dad through. Just a little, like a dump truck full.

Richard did explain to us today exactly what will happen and why with a bankruptcy. It was about as clear as mud until he explained it today. I'd like to have broken dad's hand before he signed up for those damn credit cards because it looks like he screwed himself with those things, even though I'm pretty sure Miss Pamela signed her name to a lot of the charges. Oh well, karma, I just have to believe there's some kind of karma for people like her.

Now, if I could just find that debit card...

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