Sunday, January 23, 2011

Goodbye Deductible!

Working on whittling the medical deductible down this year. I've had a cyst under my left arm for about 3 years now - ever since I had one removed, it just grew right back. Well, it decided to become infected this last week. Lovely. I'm not good with "numbing injections" or ER docs squeezing the heck out of my armpit. I'm taking an antibiotic now, but probably have to go to a surgeon to make sure the cyst is all gone. Gross. But, at least it makes our deductible smaller, which means sooner rather than later the prescriptions will be free!

Hailey is gone for another week. I cry every time she goes home to her mama's house. I pretty much felt like dirt this week, which I attribute to the infection coming on. Hoping next week I'm feeling back to my old broken self! She's just the sweetest thing in the world and I love how fast and how much she learns. It amazes me - were my children this smart when they were 16 months old?

I just love Magann more every week. Yesterday she took Hailey shopping and in her words, she "got excited". When she and Matt picked up Hailey this morning, Matt brought in the bag of clothes Magann bought for her yesterday - everything was adorable!! I think we're going to have a lot of fun shopping if I ever have a disposable income again!

TTFN - Got to get in a whirlpool and clean out my pit before Steve comes to bed. Isn't life so MUCH fun!!!???

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