Monday, November 8, 2010

My sweetie is back today!

Hailey is back at Grandma's today! My heart is singing! I think she grew about a foot over the past week - at least! So far this morning we went back to bed and watched The Wiggles DVD until her eyes were getting very droopy, so she went back to bed for her morning nap.

Mel is coming over soon with more papers for dad's divorce lawyer that need to be filled out. Sigh. I'm so tired of Pam dragging her feet on and on with this stuff. She left him. She doesn't want to be with him, so why fight every step in the divorce process? Oh, that's right, silly me, the pension... I'm not going to worry about it. I'm just going to help dad do what needs to be done and give the rest to God, it's too much worry for me.

If I'm going to spend time worrying about anything, it's going to be that Matt will be able to keep Hailey at least 50% of the time. He's such a good daddy and she adores him, it would break my heart to see her live with her mom all the time. I missed so much of my own kids growing up since I was working and all that jazz, I would hate to see Matt miss those things too. At least when she's here I can take lots of movies and pictures and can share those things with him - not like a daycare does, like a grandma telling her baby what his baby is doing! Things certainly went better than expected last week, so I'm just praying and praying and praying that they'll continue to go well.

We're still enjoying some wonderful warm fall weather - at least until Wednesday. This afternoon after lunch I hoping Hailey can take a ride to get some shopping done. I've been reading this amazing book called The Story of Me, and it gives you ideas on how to write your own family history. I'm so anxious to give it a try. My life hasn't been all that exciting, but I think about how jazzed I'd be if I could find such a family story by one of my ancestors! That would be a treasure! It has to start somewhere, it might as well be with me, right?

Off to the kitchen to see if I can find anything for Mel and I to snack on while we work on those papers. More later!

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