Monday, March 8, 2010

Wishes DO come true!

Pam called a family meeting a week ago last Friday - although she only had dad call Missy and AJ, to announce that she was leaving dad. Hallelujah! She said she's tired of not being able to have her friends and family over. What BS. For one thing, she's never home - always "working". For another thing the only member of her family that dad doesn't like is Joanne or Joann or however she spells her name. Of course this took dad totally by surprise. She's such a moron - she hadn't even talked to him ahead of time. Whatever... I'm just glad, glad, glad. We're going to have a freaking PARTY when she's finally gone. Of course she's not leaving until the 15th - I guess I must've missed the Holiday Inn sign on their lawn. Either that or she's so dumb she thinks you have to give 2 weeks notice when you want to leave someone. Of course dad is upset - they've been together for (too long IMHO) about 20 years, but he'll be so much better off now. She didn't do anything for him, except make dinner maybe once or twice a week, wouldn't even take him to the hospital the last time he had to go, so it's not like he's missing much. Maybe he'll find someone he can have an intelligent conversation with, and gives a darn about him.

Then she had the nerve to tell dad in front of Missy and AJ that she has "tried and tried" to get along with dad's family. A ha ha ha.... Right. Well, good riddance to bad rubbish! Now maybe we can take care of dad without having to worry about offending her royal highness.

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