Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What an awful day

I watched only 6 minutes or so of the memorial service in Ft. Hood today. Mr. Obama, I refuse to call you by your title as I believe you're not worthy, you are a despicable coward. Do you see what coddling Muslims does? Do you see the aftermath of what trying to be "friends" with the enemy does? I think of the soldier, just returned from active duty in Iraq, 6-weeks pregnant, filling out papers for a new assignemtn due to her pregnancy. What did she do to deserve her fate - other than be a loyal soldier who was willing to die to defend her country. How sad to lose it at home, at a military base, by a "fellow" soldier. I think of the joy of her family on hearing the news that there would soon be a new member of the family; their joy turning to horror and sorrow, and the grief they feel today and will feel every day for the rest of their lives. I think of the widows left behind, the children left with no father, mothers and fathers without their children, nieces and nephews left without aunts and uncles. For what?
Because they weren't muslim. Because they were all "infidels". The coward that killed these people the kind of "people" that you and that idiot Bill Clinton think you can reason with. You can't reason with hate Obama, it doesn't work that way. And does it bother me that you're one of them? Yes, it does.

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