Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wah wah...

I spoke too soon about not getting irritated by "family".

This weekend my sister ran into a friend of my younger sister's, who asked about her. Miss said she hadn't talked to Mel since she had gone to spend a week with mom and decided we were no longer worthy of her. So I had some FB communication with the friend wondering what was going on because she felt Mel was mad at her but it seems she was cutting everybody out. Duh. So I told her. Believe me, you don't have to exaggerate when you talking about Mel. Now Mel is crying about people butting into her life. She's just as crazy as our egg donor is. Seriously. And I'm thinking she's off her meds. At least really I'm hoping she is, because she's drinking again and that's not a good thing. She's so predictable. She'll rant and rave and be mad as hell at the egg donor too, but as soon as she thinks she'll get something (like her mother's approval) she's snuggled right up there next to her. Ick. I remember once when she got mad when egg donor told her she should take her kids around some guy egg donor was trying to milk money out of... Mel was so offended that she could even suggest such a thing... And here she is... She was also with egg donor when she stole some silverware of a dead neighbor's apartment and was totally offended by that too... But again, here she is.... Kinda sad isn't it? Well, it was the first 30 or so times, now it's just revolting.

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