Friday, April 3, 2009

Wait, it's not spring yet!

We're in a winter storm watch for Saturday night and all day Sunday! I knew it, I just knew it! I could feel it in my bones (literally) today.

Dad called at 10:30 - it's almost like he has an alarm, I swear! (It's okay, dad - I love you!) We went to have lunch at Big Fred's. I love his salads. I always get the Phil's salad - minus the mushrooms and anchovies (I have them give my anchovies to dad - erk). It's amazing how filling a salad can be. Of course there's also cheese, onion, chopped up ham and turkey - it's soooo good!

I was just sitting here tonight thinking of this past week and of course Sister Foster came to mind. I have to laugh when I think that when Jay and I were dating I thought she was so old! I thought it was amazing that she did everything she did as old as she was.... HA HA HA - I'm older now than she was then! Again, I have to say I'm amazed that someone as old as her could do so much! I couldn't get done in a week what she used to do in a day! She was quite the lady, that's for sure. I have to be sure and take the time to go visit Brother Foster once in awhile and to "bring cookies"... He's quite the character. Jay says it's hard on him with his short term memory loss that he can't remember that Sister Foster isn't coming back. That's sad. I always wonder when part of a couple passes away when they're so devoted to each other just how long the other is going to make it. A lot of it is sheer will to live. If the will to be with their loved one is stronger I don't think they last as long. I have to not be such a procrastinator and get over to CB to see him.

Ruger totally grossed me out tonight... It got to be dinner time and Steve couldn't find Ruger anywhere. Finally he went out side in the front yard and there was Ruger - munching on a very, very, very dead squirrel. Like grossly dead not just paws up dead. Steve carried him into the house yelling at me to turn the hose on - he had squirrel fur all over his paws - and STINK! Oh man, did he smell BAD! That was disgusting. We think he got out when Steve was going out for the mail. Steve really has to be more aware of what goes on around him for pete's sake... If Ruger hadn't found the squirrel to occupy his attention, heaven only knows how far away he'd have gotten, or been hit by a car or whatever... Charlie got out once too because Steve is preoccupied. Or something. The vet said to expect he'll be a little sick for a couple of days - heaven knows I was sick when I smelled him... But it's been over 7 hours now and he's snoozing like a baby...

I'm planning on going to Utah in May for Michelle B's wedding. I have to get my recommend in order and find cheap, cheap, cheap air fare. This week isn't so great - $222. I'm hoping it will go down before then. I'm also hoping I can find a cheap hotel - with a shuttle to and from the airport. I want to go so bad - like I said, I'm planning on it, but I have to go by myself because Steve is working on year end closing that week and can't take the day off (unless there's a gun show or radio show or something HE wants to do, that is). I don't even want to think about driving in Salt Lake... I'd get lost for sure. Don't try to tell me how easy it is either, I've been there and been lost, so I don't believe it! Her wedding is at 3 at the Salt Lake Temple and dinner is at 6 - although I forgot to ask where... I hope I can hitch a ride with someone!

We're supposed to have dinner with Mirisa's mom and dad on Saturday. I'm a little nervous. I hate meeting new people - I hope we can get along okay - after all we'll have a grandchild in common! Keep your fingers crossed for me! Hopefully the bad weather will wait until after dinner. We're going to meet with them and Matt and Mirisa at Grisante's... I haven't eaten there since... Well, it's been a darn long time! I used to love their garlic bread.

Okay, now I need to be snoozing like a baby... The weather is going to change, my ankle that was broken has been aching like crazy all day... It's time for a good game of Mah Jong on my DS and off to dreamland.

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